Ethical Decision Making Reflection Paper

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Over the first 4 weeks of this class we have had many class discussions and readings, which have brought up a great deal of thinking. The class name Organization Ethics and Decision-making, speaks for itself when it comes to the things that can be talked about in this class. Our world is changing each and everyday and you have to stay on top of the way things are. In this reflection essay I will hit on different topics and speak in different ways that ethical decisions and value systems work and how my view and knowledge on these have changed.

Each individual will go about making decisions in a way that he or she sees fit based on there beliefs and teaching. This is also called their personal value system. A personal value system is a set of consistent ethical values and measures used for the purpose of ethical or ideological integrity. From my readings and class discussions I have
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The ability to think about and process how to make a decision is something I want to reflect on also. A New York Times article stated, “ethical decision making referred to the process of evaluation and choosing among alternatives in a manner. Before I began this class ethical decisions were something that were instilled in me at a young age. After progressing and learning in this class I have realized that ethical decision-making has a process that should be followed. As Johnson (2010) says,” the process takes time to make decisions, steps are needed to ensure nothing is missed.”(Pg. 76). Many issues come up in our day-to-day life and we need to follow steps to achieve the solution. The first 2 steps are sometimes the most important gathering the facts, and define the ethical issues. Before this class I did not notice the amount of individuals that jump to conclusions quickly without doing the most important thing by gather all the

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