Importance Of Postal Rule

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A sign was displayed in the shop stating “Neither tick-tocks nor any of its management or staff will be responsible for any loss or damage to customer’s property howsoever caused”. So, when Elle, the first customer, entered the shop on opening day she leant on the counter that had just been painted and thus her dress was covered in paint and unable to be repaired but due to the sign being displayed she was unable to claim any compensation.
An exclusion cause is a clause which is expressed either verbally or in writing and it clears one party of liabilities for certain things. For instance, if you were to park your vehicle within a car park and there may be a contract that would state that neither the business or management will accept liability
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Adams V Lindsell (1818) wrote to the Plaintiffs on the 2nd of September offering to buy wool from them and requested that the Plaintiffs reply via post. The letter did have the offer but was incorrectly addressed and resulted in the Plaintiffs not receiving the letter until 5th September, because of the delay the acceptance letter wasn’t received until 9th September from the respondent. The letter was received 2 days later than initially expected so the defendant sold the wool to another …show more content…
This was agreed upon by Paul. Shortly after Chub had left the shop Jane rang and offered Paul £1,100 for the watch and her offer was accepted. Paul tried to phone Chub to let him know that the watch had been purchased by someone else but due to him not answering his phone Paul left him a message on his voicemail. Chub was unable to answer his phone because he works at a casino and is not permitted to use his phone so he only received Pauls message when he finished work on Sunday

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