Controversial Incidents In The Movie 'The Zodiac'

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The Zodiac The Zodiac killer in the movie and the one in real life did totally different things, there are many significant differences in the murders and the movie. The movie has many discrepancies not everything matches. The film follows the lives of many people as they try and solve the case. It is based off a book by Robert Graysmith that he actually spent 10 years writing and lost a marriage. In the movie reddish-brown colored Mustang is visible as Darlene and Mike drive through the parking lot of Mr. Ed’s diner. After the two drive to Blue Rock Springs Park, the same or an identical Mustang appears, causing Mike to remark that he had seen the vehicle earlier at the diner. Once the car drives away, Mike asks Darlene if she knew the driver and she responds evasively. The car returns and again stops behind the Corvair. A man emerges and approaches the passenger side of Darlene’s Corvair. Mike looks up at the man and says, “Man, you really creeped us out.” The man then shoots Darlene and Mike using a gun that has a silencer attached to the barrel.(Butterfield, Zodiac: The Movie Fact vs. Fincher). …show more content…
According to the official reports documenting this incident, Johns claimed that she had encountered a strange man who had threatened her life, and that the man looked like the Zodiac.The film shows Johns driving along a dark road when another car approaches with its horn blaring. The driver signals for Johns to pull over and she guides the car to the side of the road. After he stops behind her vehicle, the driver approaches and informs Johns that the rear wheel of her station wagon is loose. He offers to tighten the lug nuts and, after he apparently does so, he sends Johns on her way. When the rear wheel then slips away from the station wagon, forcing Johns to side of the road, the stranger offers to drive her to a nearby gas station for

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