Research Paper On The Zodiac Killer

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Carson Russ
English 10
Mrs. Sites
15 May 2017
The Zodiac Killer: The Untouchable The Zodiac Killer once said, “The police shall never catch me, because I have been too clever for them.” The Zodiac Killer was a serial killer who operated from the late 60’s to the early 70’s in the San Francisco Bay Area. There are multiple individuals who claim to know who the man behind the mask was. However, there was never enough evidence to officially uncover who The Zodiac was. Due to this lack of information and wide range of evidence against every main suspect, the true Zodiac Killer will never be discovered. The Zodiac spread horror and terror throughout Northern California from 1969 to 1974 (Zodiac Killer). Although police credited him with five murders,
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The first suspect was Arthur Leigh Allen, who faced accusations due to the fact that he went to the same location in which the third Zodiac attack happened, on the day that it occurred, and came back later in the evening covered in blood, with a bloody knife in his vehicle. Allen went to prison on child molestation charges in 1974, during the time that the letters coincidentally stopped (Bergara). The second suspect is Lawrence Kaye, who has been accused for many reasons. Don Fouke, who had possibly came into contact with the killer, said that Kaye most resembles the person he saw. Another reason Kaye is suspected is because the second victim, Darlene Ferrin, had a sister who claimed that Kaye had stalked and harassed Darlene days leading up to the murder. The third and final suspect is Earl Van Best Jr., who has been accused by his own son, Gary Stewart. Not only does Best have a mugshot that shows an uncanny resemblance to the police sketch of the killer, but his name has the same amount of characters as the famous cipher that could uncover The Zodiac’s real name. Though every suspect has enough evidence against him to force people to assume him the killer, there is not enough evidence against one certain individual to officially assume them as the …show more content…
The Zodiac Killer’s reign of terror enforced fear throughout San Francisco and the state of California for many years. Though many people have made their own claims and observations about the true identity of the killer, nobody can be completely sure as to who the killer really was. Though there are many suspects, there are only three main suspects that most people will assume the murderer. Unfortunately, there is not enough evidence against any of these three individuals to wrongfully accuse them in a court of law. In conclusion, everybody has their own opinion as to who The Zodiac Killer was and whether or not he will ever be captured, however, majority are under the consensus that he will never be

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