The Importance Of Exercising

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The class I observed was a senior exercise class on YouTube, After watching the class, I can only assume the age of the participants is around 70 or 80 years of age. This class had 5 female participants and all of them stay seated throughout the entire class. The reason that the class participants are seated in chairs while exercising is because they may have limited mobility. Because of their age seniors need approach everything differently in life and exercising is no different.
After the age of 30 muscle mass will start to decrease. As for seniors, the body fat can double from when they were younger. If a senior citizen wants the put-on muscle mass than they need to take similar steps that a young
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The heart tends to become a bit larger, since it becomes a bit larger the amount of blood it can hold declines. A older heart can still supply adequate blood to all body parts, but when it has to work hard it may not be able to supply as well as it could in the past. All individuals can benefit from regular exercise. Exercise in older adults can help reduce the impact of illness and chronic diseases. The reason exercise can seem to reverse aging is because it can boost the immune system, increase the hearts function. Falling is a daily fear of aging adults, but a regular exercise routine can improve the strength, flexibility and posture and improving these will help with balance and coordination which in return reduces the risks of falls. The Pre-Participation Screening can detect cardiac abnormalities and minimize the risks associated with exercising. This screening is import of older adults, because of the risks of cardiac problems that occur with age. Prescreening consists of a targeted personal history, family history and physical examination. The Graded Exercise Stress Test is the hearts response to exercise. The participate is connected to an ECG machine. The heart is then monitored while the participate exercises on a

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