Vaccination Arguments

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Many dreadful and deadly diseases have all but been eliminated in modern society due to vaccinations. However, recently some of these diseases seem to be on the rise again which is probably due to more parents opting out of having their children vaccinated. Over the past decade, much controversy has arisen concerning whether or not to have children vaccinated. Most of the arguments against vaccination are simply based on fear and not on scientific evidence. Parents express fear of their child contracting autism and otherwise being harmed by inactive ingredients included in vaccines. Making it a priority to educate the risks as well as the benefits of vaccinations during routine check-ups may help curb some of the fear associated with vaccines. …show more content…
By opting out of vaccinations, parents are not only putting their own child at risk but everyone around them is at a higher risk of contracting a preventable disease. In essence, parents have a moral obligation to vaccinate pending any medical contraindication for the good it does for everyone. Recently there has been a resurgence in diseases that were once eradicated/eliminated in developing countries such as measles and pertussis. Individual and herd immunity is declining due to the decrease in rates of vaccinations. Healthcare costs related to treating these diseases are much higher than the costs associated with preventing them. The solution to this problem is to educate parents on the risks and benefits associated with vaccinations. Information provided should be based on scientific evidence, not on opinions and personal beliefs. Obviously, the safety of vaccinations should be a primary concern and any risks associated with vaccinations should be thoroughly researched. This would allow parents to make an educated decision concerning vaccinating their children which would better protect society as a

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