Complementary And Alternative Medicine Analysis

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Complementary and Alternative Medicine From reading this article about addressing clinical issues in complementary and alternative medicine by Chong I found that a lot of what he wrote was very interesting and is very helpful to patients today. Chong uses the AMA definition of CAM as a health practices, systems and modalities other than those of the dominant health care system in the society. A program of CAM addresses many issues that result from studies that show an increase in these therapies. Chong went into a lot detail when writing this article. He proposed a lot of great theories, goals, and evidence of just how many people use CAM. One of the first points that caught my eye was he mentioned that CAM is popular among Cancer patients. …show more content…
How many people think they are effective? Are they effective? Well in this article by Chong it says “16%-20% of patients use these supplements in conjunction with prescription medications without guidance because they feel that they are harmless products and have no side effects” (Chong, 2006). Chong is 100% right in this case. People will use these supplements to a degree that they do not understand if they feel that there is no risk of harm. A program including CAM would provide accurate information and prevent harm to patients or using supplements that interfere with traditional treatments a patient is …show more content…
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