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  • Touch Wood Essay

    holidays I like trying new cocktails. My thoughts about un-prescribed drugs is that they can be very dangerous and risky. Having worked at a medical centre I have seen what drug abuse can do to people’s lives and it impacts negatively every aspect. There is a reason that people abuse any type of drug and it might because they want to escape their reality. Then the cycle of addiction can take over and they prioritise their drug of choice over everything else. I think it is important to try and…

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  • Drug Addicts In Treatment

    Alberto Beltran English 73x TTH 8-11 AM Professor Elizabeth Buchanan 04/14/2016 Drug Addicts Without doubt, drug addiction is accompanied by numerous social, mental and medical disorders. In the world there are people that think that being a drug addict is not dangerous. Be a drug addict or stay with a person that is addicted to the drugs in dangerous for some reasons. One of them is that if a person use drugs constantly in the future, it could cause problems with the health. According to…

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  • Cannabis And Schizophrenia

    The relationship between cannabis and schizophrenia is still not certain, but many studies have been done to see if there is a clear link between the two. Cannabis is a highly used drug in many parts of the world and is the most common illicit drug in Canada. Statistics Canada (2012) reported that just over twelve percent of Canadians over the age of fourteen have used cannabis in the past year. They also reported that over thirty percent of the users are between the ages of 18 and 24 and are…

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  • Snapchat Moment

    When people think of the word “addicting”, they usually think of drugs or video games. The word “addicting” has a negative connotation, usually representing an unhealthy inability to stop. So naturally, no one would think of an app that’s limited to 10 seconds of entertainment at a time. At least, I thought I would not. But Snapchat has firmly ingrained its way into my life. Advertised as “The Fastest Way to Share a Moment!” (Snapchat), Snapchat quickly changed me into someone that can’t put…

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  • Methamphetamine In Australia

    methamphetamine as it is readily available and inexpensive in Australia. (Winslow, Voorhees and Pehi 2007, p. 1170). According to the journal article, commonly prescribed medications and potential false-positive urine drug screens, that amphetamine or methamphetamine were the most commonly used drugs in medications today (Brahm, Yeager, Fox, Farmer and Palmer 2010, p. 1345). They are present in a non-prescription nasal inhaler (Brahm, Yeager, Fox, Farmer and Palmer 2010, p. 1347).…

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  • The Hidden Harm Of Antidepressants Analysis

    reason that most people are unaware of these risks is because clinical trials do not report these behaviors; they withhold this information from the “medical community and the public.” The directors in Brave New World also conceal information about a drug that can be paralleled to antidepressants;…

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  • Benefit Of Legalizing All Drugs

    Will legalizing all drugs causes an epidemic of drug users and bring the world to chaos or will it bring peace to the war on drugs. In 2001, Portugal decriminalized all drugs and since then there has been a small decline in drug users (Laqueur, 2015, 767). This paper will focus on how legalizing drugs may be beneficial to drug users. If drugs were legal, drug addicts or users will not go to jail for possession of drugs and gang wars may be a thing of the past. Drug addicts will be able to obtain…

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  • Welfare Drug Testing

    When talking about the subject of drug testing welfare recipients, many standpoints and opinions are made by people from different culture backgrounds and living situations. Random drug testing welfare recipient have yet to become a law because the government been going back and forth over this issue and has not came to a conclusion to if it is constitutional or not. Also the question of if it is actually beneficial to the regulating of welfare. Some agree that people who consider being welfare…

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  • Environmental Impact On Substance Abuse

    Introduction: Over the years, the amount of people died from drug overdoses increased in the United States. Also, “in 2009 drug-induced deaths overtook traffic accidents as the number one external cause of death, with 39,147 deaths” (Swensen, 2014). Substance abuse including alcohol and drugs is linked to different negative social conditions, such as family disruptions, financial issues, school failure, decrease or lost in productivity, crime, child abuse, and domestic violence. In addition,…

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  • Sxe: A Feminist Subculture

    Introduction Youth subcultures are commonly linked to promiscuity, and drug and alcohol use (Irwin, 1999). Subcultures are seen to be formed due to resistance to dominant culture, and deviance is often considered prevalent in youth subcultures (Becker, 1963, in Irwin, 1999). Straight Edge, also known as sXe, is based on the idea of clean living (Aron, 2016). Despite this, sXe is commonly labelled a deviant subculture (Irwin, 1999). SXe is supplemented by a fashion and music sense similar to that…

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