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  • Personal Narrative: Client Meeting

    Late Entry 11/14/2015, CM did a visual to locate client. Client was located and CM requested for the client to come to the social service office. CM completed Initial ILP Review. Client appeared her stated age. She was dressed in black sweat pants and T-shirt. Her hair was disarray. In the meeting she appears to be quiet, cooperative and friendly. She made eye contact appropriately. Client described her mood, “aggravated and angry.” Her affect was angry. CM inquires how client came to the…

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  • Importance And Importance Of Medicinal Plants

    some cases, plants contain some components and extracts that helps the body to maintain and to quicken the recovery process. Medicinal plants are said that they are generally safer than modern prescription drugs and surgeries and a lot affordable for people doesn’t have a huge amount of money for drug prescription and surgery for their ailment. Herbal medicines helps to strengthen the immune system’s functioning for prevention of getting some diseases. Background of Psidium Guajava Guava is the…

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  • Summary Of A Personal Reflection

    suspicious fishy odor of the pills quickly caught my attention. I asked the pharmacist why the medicine had such characteristics and what metformin does to the body. He said it is used to treat Type 2 Diabetes, and continued to explain the effects of the drug. Although I do not frequently interact with the patient, gaining this knowledge helped me to better understand the patient. This allowed me to understand the approaches the pharmacist made to ensure the best medication for the patient,…

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  • Why Is Hope Important

    It is well said by Orison Swett Marden that “There is no medicine like hope, no incentive so great, and no tonic so powerful as expectation of something tomorrow.” Hope is a feeling that brings a sense of belonging as to what awaits the next day. Hope is a beautiful feeling that makes a person feel something, although their circumstances may not accomplish anything. It is hope that brings a sense of security and the belief that everything will be okay, not only to the one fighting, but also…

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  • Tolerability Of Non-Rodents Lab Report

    biochemical parameters. 8.1 Introduction The objective of drug discovery and drug delivery system is to treat infections and particularly pain and suffering during the ailments and thereby maintaining a healthy human population. Any development in medical field is evaluated using a variety of clinical procedures prior introducing to humans. In pharmacological research, animal usage has become a major part in evaluating the developed drug or the technique. Various animals ranging from zebra fish…

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  • Cardiomyopathy Case Study Nursing

    It is common for many to have comorbid problems at around this age. Living with chronic illness is not an easy task especially when people are getting older, Mr. p is actually going through what million are going through and the cost of readmission is enormous. However although we cannot prevent it to happen anymore he should be able to manage his symptoms and prevent complications, and continue to live a productive life with his wife without being hopeless at a point to ask God to end his life.…

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  • Pharmacy Therapeutics Committee Summary

    procurement, distribution, handling, use, and safe administration of drugs, biological, and diagnostic testing material” (Pozgar, 2015, p. 224). The committee encompasses pharmacists and medical doctors (“Pharmacy and Therapeutics”). The committee will consider the expenses and the advantages for…

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  • Clinical Summary

    1) Anila K N and Emmanuel J (2013 A) conducted a study on Impact of a clinical pharmacist in improving knowledge on cardiology out patients about anticoagulants, in AIMS health care campus, Kerala. In this study the interventional group received an additional care by the clinical pharmacist and was compared with a controlled group which received only the usual care of the physician. At the end of the study it was found that the patient’s awareness of the INR values is correlated with improved…

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  • The Importance Of Medication Errors In Nursing

    Highlighted by NICE guidelines (2014), it is recommended that for the administration of controlled drugs that a secondary check and signature is required. This is extremely important as controlled drugs can be fatal if not administered correctly. Patients should not be deprived of controlled drugs if another trained member of staff is unavailable to re-check this, therefore it is the nurses job to get in contact with another member of staff to ensure…

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  • No Child Left Undiagnosed

    According to the author of “No Child Left Undiagnosed”, in the past 20 years the rate of ADHD has tripled,” 11 percent of all kids in this country have ADHD”. The problem is there are children being overmedicated for ADHD.According to The Center for Disease Control some symptoms that the child had ADHD are: they day dream,they lose things,they squirm or fidget, talk a lot, make careless mistakes, have trouble taking turns, and have trouble getting along with others. Children are being…

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