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  • Pharmacy Interview Narrative

    Eyes twitching; body swollen; hands desperately trying to stop shaking; stomach nauseated – I had never anticipated walking into my pharmacy interview in such a condition, but with unyielding tenacity, I was resolute on becoming a step closer to realizing my dream of becoming a pharmacy student. Less than two days prior to the interview, I experienced one of the most joyful, yet also painful days of my life. The day started at 5 AM with a dosage of Pitocin, then later Demerol, progressing into a…

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  • Why I Want To Become A Pharmacist Personal Statement

    Cameroon led to the destruction of our drug store in the Market. I was harrassed and beaten almost to death by the army of the Cameroonian government, who threatened my life since I was a member of the SCNC. I left Limbe my home town to Douala after a lot of frustration to seek refuge with my extended family. In Douala, I was fortunate to have a full-time job as a medical laboratory scientist at Polyclinic Muna, while I worked part-time for evergreen (a natural drugs agency) as a sales agent. I…

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  • Examples Of Observation In Pharmacy

    healthcare providers and patients in person and by phone, answer questions and requests, refer inquiries to the pharmacist. I also maintain pharmacy inventory by checking pharmaceutical stock to determine inventory level , anticipating needed medications and supplies, place and expedite orders,verifies receipt and remove outdated drugs. She said I organize medications for pharmacist to dispense by reading medication orders and prescriptions, preparing labels,calculating quantities. Betty said i…

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  • Glyburide Liquisolid Compacts Case Study

    To meet the ever increasing demands for improved quality of life, a number of pharmaceutical researchers have developed a variety of dosage forms and the oral route has always been the most preferred means of drug administration due to the ease, high patient compliance and low cost of production. In spite of a variety of dosage forms, tablets are most commonly adopted dosage form. The class II drugs have low solubility issues which results in poor dissolution rate and bioavailability[1,2].…

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  • Medication Error Report

    amount needs to be verified. There are certain protocols to do with different medications as far as verifying the dose. For example, insulin dosage must be checked by two RN’s before it can be given to a patient. This is because, insulin has a high risk drug. Dosage amount is important, because the patient needs enough medication for it to be effective, but not too much to put the patient at risk for toxicity. Medications are given at certain time intervals to help the medications react…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Personal Experiences In Nursing Practice

    On Wednesday 29th April 2014, I was assigned to the same four patients I had the day prior. One of my patients was admitted for sepsis of the R) knee following a total knee joint replacement two months prior. He was a 67 year old Maori gentleman, MRSA positive with a history of gout, hypertension, GORD, bilateral total hip joint replacements and R) sided weakness following a MVA in 2011. During handover, it was stated to us that this patient was due to have his IVABs at both 1300 and 1400.…

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  • Should Animal Testing Be Abolished

    accurate. In my view, I agree that we should eliminate animal testing because the results may be successful on animals but can cause death in humans. However, I can see why many are for animal testing because there have been several case studies where drugs were medically accurate for human consumption. One reason animal testing should be removed is that animals and humans are different in anatomy and in the way the body functions. Humans have a profoundly complex…

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  • Non Touch Techniques In Nursing Care

    prevention of contamination. A factor that is ‘contributing to medication incidents were interruptions by patients and relatives’ therefore it is vital that the patients and relative know that the nurse is on the drug round, this can be done by wearing the red tabards that has the message drug round in progress, do not disturb embroidered on it. Take the medication and prescription chart to the patient, check the patient’s identity with the prescription chart by asking the patient their full…

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  • The Importance Of Herbal Medicine

    plants have been investigated in the recent scientific developments throughout the world, due to their potent therapeutic efficacy and antioxidant activities, no side effects and economic viability. Medicinal plants are serving as raw material for drugs which are effective and reasonable health care for people. However, all plants synthesize phytochemicals, which are beneficial for our health as they cannot be synthesized in the human body [9]. Plants are also rich dietary sources of…

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  • Psychiatric Observation Report

    The patients at the Psychiatric Healthcare Facility were put under increased stress today because they had their environment changed. The floor needed to be stripped and the patients were sent to the gym for the day while this was being done. This type of change can cause acute anxiety for some and while decrease anxiety for others because some patients get bored of being confined to just one place. There are different levels of anxiety ranching from mild, moderate, severe and panic. As the…

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