Negative Effects Of Medical Technology

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POSITIVE EFFECTS OF TECHNOLOGY ON MEDICINE Technology has become part of human lives. According to Healthcare news & Insights (2014), technology forms a crucial aspect in every industry as well as in our particular lives, which help to save many lives around the world . Medical technologies such as biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical devices have become the world in a place with more opportunities. Furthermore, these medical technologies allow humans to perform incredible advances not only in the development of physical objects such as prostheses but also in surgeries inside of the human bodies. It is true that the abuse of technology causes many incidents including car accidents and problems in relationships, but the appropriate …show more content…
According to Modern Medical Technology (2015), some of the forms to see inside the body and detect diseases is ultrasound scannings currently used in medicine. This method evolved from the 20th century when it was used as a radar for research during wartime. For instance, doctors are aware that pregnant women are usually very fragile and need cautious attention during their pregnancies. As a result, Research from Marinac-Dabic, D., Krulewitch, C. J., & Moore, R. M.. (2002) indicates that diagnostic ultrasounds have become in a essential part of the pregnant women currently. Ultrasounds, which are one of the modern diagnostic instruments (Marinac-Dabic, et al., 2002), got broadly used in monitoring of fetuses in the womb and detect illnesses. The use of ultrasounds give the best service for pregnant women and recognizes if their babies have some health problems, or if their development is correct. In addition to ultrasound, X-ray, which is another advanced apparatus, allows doctors to know when patients have some internal breaks and measure the gravity of the fissures before they make an inference. According to Modern Medical Technology (2015), the new era of technological medicine was opened by X-rays, which was used on World War I to the fast diagnostic of wounded. Another key thing to remember is that X rays were found out accidentally in 1895 by the German …show more content…
Humanity is likely to get sick, and it cannot control, but when it occurs, humans desire to feel better, so the technologies were included to try to solve any undesirable diseases. Douglas Adams said “Technology is a word that describes something that doesn’t work yet”. More security, new apparatus, and faster equipment are coming to reinforce medical treatment, but the limitation of these fascinating technological advances depends on the excessive and non-rational human uses. Humanity does not know how far they can go and how much damage they may cause with their new and dangerous experiments. However, most of these experiments are to help build a better world with more opportunities and

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