What Are The Dangers Of Animal Testing

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Every person in every community practically relies on the use of a variety of products to carry out their everyday lives and even survive on a daily basis. Many of these products obviously affect our health and physical condition in many ways but, requiring the testing of the product first ensures it functions properly before selling it to the public. This reasoning not only makes sure the product works, but also proves it as safe and non-threatening to human health. Fortunately, an alternative to testing it on humans exists, but still endangers the lives of other living things. Animals end up as substitutes for humans and this has become some sort of tradition for many years now even when no longer necessary. Using these animals for testing forces them to risk their wellbeing and even lives just to test out the effects of products. Plenty of reasons exist as to why animals do not deserve to end up as test subjects and why the benefits of doing so, …show more content…
Back in the 1800’s when French physiologist Claude Bernard elevated animal experiments to the touchstone of all scientific and medical insight, it seemed necessary since they desperately needed to test products to see if they worked or not and had no other means of doing so. Nowadays, the technology and resources to test all kinds of products without having to abuse animals exists. Scientists and the like can easily use computerized models to calculate the possible effects for us or use artificially grown human cell samples. These methods demonstrate better results not only because of the lack of animal abuse, but because the testing has showed to work on human based test subjects. This means human consumers have better chances of fewer side effects because the experimentation resulted from the best possible scientific practices. So overall, ceasing to use animals as test subjects shows an improvement for both their health and our

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