Effective Drug Therapy In Children

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After researching certain organizations throughout the many roles within the pharmaceutical field, I had never realized all the options as a student that I have. Though I still do not know what I want to do as a pharmacist, I did find a couple professional organizations in which I would fit in well. In fact there is one in particular that I thoroughly enjoyed after researching about which is the pediatric pharmacy association also known as PPAG. Before doing this research I had never heard of such an organization, but I believe it is one that I can serve well in as a member.
With their overall vision being to be the primary resource for effective drug therapy in children this made me feel different towards them then most of the other organizations
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Personally for me education is a major part in helping improve medication therapy in children, which is PPAG’s main goal. Also I feel as becoming a pharmacist that there must be a way to help families that do have to give their children medication of any sort. They should always be aware of what could happen and what is best for them to do. Additionally the more people that can be educated about effective drug therapy in children then the better off the family will be due to the steps that PPAG is taking in trying to accomplish their vision. To me this a great goal to try to reach just because I have been through such a time where a certain drug did not work for me and it is a struggle on everyone. Though looking past that, to become part of PPAG, then I know I will be able to help children not be in such a place where drug therapy is considered to be ineffective. All together by serving as a means for education for not only pediatric practitioners but for children and family’s too, PPAG is a group that definitely fits my goals for my future …show more content…
First of all networking is at the top when it comes to being an apart of such an organizations. Networking lead too many opportunities including meeting people from various locations with different backgrounds. This could then help to get an internship or even a job opportunity in the future. Another reasons membership is important as a student is that you can get many different experiences with in different fields of pharmacy which can then also help later in your career. Though when it comes to being a pharmacist membership continues to be an important issue. First of all networking continues to be a vital part because you can continue to meet new people from new places. Also there are many regional and national meetings that you can attend to. These in return allow you to get new experiences as being a member and also open new doors for you as a professional. Being a member in an organization as a student and a professional both brings its own perks which can only

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