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  • Personal Narrative: My Personal Experiences In Nursing Practice

    On Wednesday 29th April 2014, I was assigned to the same four patients I had the day prior. One of my patients was admitted for sepsis of the R) knee following a total knee joint replacement two months prior. He was a 67 year old Maori gentleman, MRSA positive with a history of gout, hypertension, GORD, bilateral total hip joint replacements and R) sided weakness following a MVA in 2011. During handover, it was stated to us that this patient was due to have his IVABs at both 1300 and 1400.…

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  • Should Animal Testing Be Abolished

    accurate. In my view, I agree that we should eliminate animal testing because the results may be successful on animals but can cause death in humans. However, I can see why many are for animal testing because there have been several case studies where drugs were medically accurate for human consumption. One reason animal testing should be removed is that animals and humans are different in anatomy and in the way the body functions. Humans have a profoundly complex…

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  • Informative Essay: Animal Testing And Cruelty

    Thalidomide went out on the market claiming to be animal tested. Due to it was safe many pregnant woman consumed it to help their babies be strong and healthy yet at birth many babies were being born with severe defects.That was caused because the drug was tested on genie pigs, rats, chimps, and rabbits, etc..and didn 't show defects when they gave birth but on humans it did…

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  • Reflective Essay About Entering The Psychiatric Nursing World

    I am nervous about entering the psychiatric nursing world. My nervousness stems from fear of the unknown. I worry that I may use the wrong words or that my facial expressions may betray my feelings. I have worked with children with mental health problems on a smaller scale, and I have witnessed the emotional effect it has on their parents and due to this reason and I often wonder how health-care professionals are affected when working in a psychiatric environment. However, I have resolved to go…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Legalize Marijuana

    permitted based on the numerous beneficial values: for medical use, to liberate the money the government spends due to the judicial process dealing with marijuana arrests, increase the revenue from taxes as well as production, and reduce the war on drugs. One of…

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  • Cms Standard 482.23 Essay

    My interpretation of this is to make sure that the drugs are kept at a room temperature, tightly sealed when not being used, and as stated before, making sure they are locked away when not being used. This is not to only adhere to the policy of the Joint Commission and CMS but having the medications locked…

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  • Patient Safety Practices: A Case Study

    medication errors. Nonetheless, by making the prevention of medication errors a priority in their practice, nurses can limit causes of medication errors such as “unclear directions, incomplete orders, lack of resources or information, similar drug packaging, drug names that sound alike, nurse fatigue and nurse interruptions” (Richardson, Bromirski, & Hayden,…

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  • A Career: The Steps To Become A Pharmacist

    be something you do not like about it and to succeed in a career you have to have the passion for it. According to Britannica Encyclopedia Concise, pharmacy is the science of dealing with drugs. Pharmacists prepare and distribute prescribed medications. Like making a cake from scratch, they mix and measure drugs from raw materials. They must make sure…

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  • Drenches Case Study

    Introduction Drenches is a liquid formulation for oral administration that is used to kill internal and external parasites especially in sheep. It is used in the worm control on any farms. Drenches is also known as anthelmintics as they contain active ingredients that kill the helminths in the stomach. Basically, there are three major types of drenches which are the suspensions, solutions and emulsions. (P.Junquera, 2015) Drenches can be a “broad spectrum” when they treat an extensive range of…

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  • Right Wrist Pain Case Studies

    CC Sara is a 41-year-old female here today complaining of right wrist pain. HPI The patient had prior trauma to her wrist, resulting in a right radial fracture, treated with surgery by Dr. Eberhart in February of 2014. Since then, she tells me, once she recovered from that, she had been doing reasonably well. About a week and a half ago, she says she fell on her wrist. She tripped. She immediately felt pain, as well as there was swelling in the right wrist as well. She went to an urgent…

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