Importance Of Medical Administration In Nursing

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‘The administration of medicines is an important aspect’ of nursing care as nurses have a responsibility to supply and dispose medication as defined in the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) Standard for Medicines Management. This essay will focus on the central skill of medicine administration and its application in treating, preventing and relieving symptoms of an illness. Medicine administration will be defined and its purpose in a clinical area will be examined. The principle of medicine administration will be assessed as well as the skills that underpin it such as hand hygiene and the appropriate professional values.

The administration of medicine is the way that medicines are selected, prescribed and administrated to optimise the outcomes
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The nurse also should make sure that the drug is administered the way that it is prescribed and double check to prevent any drug errors from occurring, this ensures that the patient is kept safe. The nurse should be willing to offer the patient help and as it is necessary and this may be as simple as offering the patient a glass of water, the nurse should help with facilitating the patient to swallow. ‘If the patient has difficulty swallowing and liquid medication is not an option, use a pill crushing device to grind pills. Clean the device before and after use this decreases risk for contaminating medication’, also stay with the patient until they have swallowed all the medication. When the patient is taking the medication if they are having difficulties then provide the patient with privacy by closing the curtains, this protects the patient’s dignity. If the patient is suffering from dysphagia, discuss with the pharmacist about a liquid alternative. This ensures that all the medication has been taken at the right time. Watch the patient taking the medication, giving any assistance as required, never leave medication unattended at the bedside for the patient to take later. This ensure the medication has been taken, prevents the patient from overdosing and prevents other patients from taking medication that doesn’t belong to them. It is important for the nurse to be understanding and provide the patient with the time they need to swallow. If the patient vomits when taking or after taking the tablets, then give the medication again. Document the dose given and sign the prescription chart and in any other place made necessary by the legal requirement. It is vital that nurse do this

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