Why Do Pharmaceutical Companies Use Prescription Drugs Ethical?

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There has been a lot of talk recently in the news about how money spent on prescription drugs has increased 3% in 2013, which results to about $329.2 billion. Those are astonishing numbers, now if you take that number and you divide it by how many people live in the US, that works out to be about $1,000 per person spent on prescription drugs. Since doctors hold the key in prescribing drugs, some doctors are prescribing certain drugs that pharmaceutical companies are requesting them to prescribe even thought that drug might not be the best for their patient given their condition. This in so many ways are unethical because the patient would most likely depend and trust what the doctor is prescribing to them but little do they know, that the prescriptions they are taking might not be the best for them. Some doctors care more about making money than making their patient satisfied.
Part of the uprising in numbers might be because
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After all, if these relationships didn 't affect physician behavior in such a way as to increase sales, companies wouldn 't spend $19 billion each year establishing and maintaining them” (Campbell, 2007). Drug companies spend billions of dollars a year to influence doctors for them to influence their patients. So any way that drug companies can sway doctors to do what they want for money, they will. That way they will maximize their profits.
Everyone needs medicine at some point in their life. The way the drug companies market to doctors can also affect the people who are patients of these doctors. Doctors are the people who can prescribe prescription drugs to patients, and the drug companies know that. That 's why they use that to their advantage to make money for them. And the doctors use their patients as an advantage to generate cash by prescribing their patients the unambiguous drugs the pharmaceutical companies informed the doctors to

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