Personal Narrative: I Will Make Me Successful In Davenport's Nursing Program

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What Will Make Me Successful in Davenport’s Nursing Program?

Throughout my life, many factors have changed, but the one thing that has always remained the same, is the passion I have for helping people. When I was five years old, I saw my Aunt undergo chemotherapy, and I witnessed the impact that the nurse had on her. By the same token, I was astonished at how similar I was to the nurse. That was the groundbreaking moment, when I knew that I needed to be a nurse. Fast-forward fifteen years, and once again, I know that I will be successful in Davenport’s nursing program because I have the perfect combination of traits. My personal and professional characteristics have been demonstrated through my job as a CNA, and those traits will transpire into my career as a Registered Nurse.
To begin, I am compassionate towards each and every patient that I see at the hospital. In order for a patient to trust you, he or she has to sincerely believe that you care about helping their overall wellbeing. To illustrate, there was a rehab patient whom I gave care to, at my first CNA
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At work, I am able to report changes in condition, changes in vital stats, mood or emotional changes to my RN. In the nursing program, I will overcome cultural barriers in order to ensure that I communicate effectively with people from different backgrounds. Interestingly enough, communication is the foundation for teamwork, and every team needs a leader. I will transpire my leadership skills into the nursing program by exhibiting a positive attitude, taking initiative, and showing my commitment for the program.
In conclusion, I have a great reputation with my co-workers and my supervisors because I am easy to work with, I work hard, and I genuinely care about my job. I have demonstrated the necessary skills throughout my personal and professional life and I will use my work experience as a tool to help me succeed in the Davenport nursing

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