Town Hall Meeting Research Paper

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The town hall meeting was located in the village of Mundelein. The meeting started of with the roll call of the committee or trustees at the meeting. After the roll call, everyone at the meeting did the Pledge of Allegiance. The meeting was being held at the week of Thanksgiving and the mayor was giving thanks to the village and his board members. The mayor felt that the village benefited by the volunteer work that happens in the community and that it brings the community for unified and stringer at the same time. Then, the public was given the chance to ask any questions or concerns about the community; furthermore, there was no public commentary. The room wasn’t packed as much since it was a week during Thanksgiving that the meeting was being held. For the most part the public were pleased with the issues being talked about. The public was respecting the mayor and the trustees at the meeting. There was no interruption during the meeting and the meeting was going everything as planned. The first committee to talk about an issue was the Public Reports Trustees. The issue that was being talked about was a resolution over a purchase of a Ford Truck from Napleton Ford. There was a discussion about the resolution among the trustees; for example, they talked about the need of buying another …show more content…
For the most part the trustees agreed on the topics that were brought to the meeting. The board members and the public were respectful to one another. I wish that there were more public involvement about the issues in the meeting. Overall, the experience was something new because I didn’t have no clue about these issues in my community. It’s important for people to come town hall meeting because the people can voice their opinions about issues that is being talked in the meeting. I look forward to the next meeting and hear about the issues that is going on in my

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