Reflection Of Attending The Saint Paul City Council Meeting

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In this paper, I will reflect my experience of attending the Saint Paul City Council meeting. I will share on how awards and grants by Saint Paul City Councils approve projects, programs, and strategies to improve the capital in Saint Paul. In addition, I will go into details of the City of Saint Paul source of funding to provide awards and grants to proposals made by the City of Saint Paul residents. I then will discuss a proposal that was discussed by the proposer and the Saint Paul City Council. I will go into details of the atmosphere and climate of the meeting between the citizens, proposed, and Saint Paul City Council. Further, I will share my learning experience of the Saint Paul City Council meeting and relate to my experience. From my attendance, at the Saint Paul City Council, I will elaborate my reaction and immigrants that came to the hearing of the award. Lastly, I will conclude my overall reflection of attending my first city council meeting.
The agency I attended on this assignment was to the Saint Paul City Councils located on
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I would likely not attend a city council, but the timing had been perfect as I heard great things about Colonel Song Leng Xiong and wanted to hear the good news in person. Through this experience, I have learned that the City of Saint Paul continues to have numerous proposals of a project, program, and strategy. Testify in favor or against the proposal are not made in the meeting. However, testify had been made beforehand and when, allowing the public to hear the result was during the meeting. I had thought the decisions were made in the meeting room as it would be heavily discussed in comparison to my experience when attending a work meeting or conference. Interestingly, it was the opposite from my experience and found it understandable as it would allow the numerous proposals to be settled ahead of

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