Defensive Driving

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On a particularly dreary Thursday afternoon, I was driving down a well-known street. One that I drive very often in my many travels. As I was driving down the well-worn road, I came up to a stoplight and prepared to make my right turn, as any good civilian driver would. I set my cell phone down and glanced quickly to my left, decided that my way was clear, and proceeded with my turn. All of a sudden, I hear the sound of an obnoxiously loud car horn, drowning out my music. I quickly look up in time to see another driver on my tail, obviously trying to stop. Our widened eyes made brief contact in my mirror before I shut my own eyes and braced myself for the terrible crashing sound that came when the vehicles made contact. After the
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Being a defensive drive means that one is always on the alert and that they are ready to protect if necessary. If someone is a defensive driver then they are not only aware of their own vehicle and actions, but also all the other vehicles and things around them. If I had slowed down, just for even a second longer, and looked around defensively at my right turn, I could have noticed the other car sooner and adjusted. Thus the danger would have passed by and I would be free to go along on my way. I believe this to be important as few drivers have a defensive mindset when they drive. If people were to view driving in this way then I believe that it could help immensely with car accident occurrences.
Being Aware
The third thing I could have done to avoid the accident was to be aware of my surroundings. If I had stopped to think for only a moment and actually took in my surroundings, I could have avoided the collision. Being aware of what is going on around oneself when they drive is so important. A lot of accidents happen because people don’t pay attention and are in their own little world. Taking a moment before driving to recognize possible distractions and eliminate them could be very helpful. The less distracted one can be, the safer they will be.

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