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  • The Career Of A Lawyer: A Career As A Career

    Lawyer Jean Giraudoux said that “There is no better way of exercising the imagination than the study of law. No poet ever interpreted nature as freely as a lawyer interprets the truth.”As a child something in me always wanted to debate with a judge or prosecute someone or just be in the courtroom. I guess it is because when I 'm with my dad we always watch crime shows. But the thing that really got me was when I took Civics in Economics my sophomore year we didn 't just talk about politics in…

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  • Judicial Diversity Case Study

    Over the years, judicial diversity has been an issue of concern for Wales and England. Reform initiatives and debates for judicial diversity are critical features of various common law jurisdictions. The country faces gender and ethnicity diversity as the major dimension of inclusiveness in the judicial system. Critics have raised general arguments in rationalizing judicial diversity as well as the essence of having judicial appointments and procedures adhering to the requirements of equal…

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  • Should Matt Take Legal Action Against His Competitor For Misleading Advertising?

    A solicitor received a complaint on behalf of a data subject. The complaint was that the employer had installed CCTV cameras without informing her or other member of staff the cameras were put in place to identify disciplinary issues relating to staff. This…

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  • Quistclose Trust Essay

    lthough the institute of trust is a common law concept, many scholars describe it as one of the biggest contributions which English common law has had on foreign jurisdictions, including the jurisdiction of civil law countries.1F. W. Maitland considers the development of this institution as “the greatest and most distinctive achievement performed by Englishmen in the field of jurisprudence”.2 Despite being a Commonwealth country and having common law influences, the major source of the…

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  • Jane Eyre Sympathy Analysis

    continues to have no need to feel sympathy for her until the moment where there is protest against their marriage. At this point the reader probably does feel sympathy as the ceremony is no longer peaceful and has been in a way ruined. When the solicitor explains why he is protesting it is quite a shocking statement to have made against a man, and Jane's feelings are portrayed not with speech but with silence. Since she had no idea whatsoever that this was going to happen or what had happened in…

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  • Mabo V Queensland Case Study

    ‘Mabo V Queensland’ is an Australian prominent landmark case which began in 1982 in the High Court of Australia and ended in 1992. This case is commonly referred to as just ‘Mabo’. This case was taken to the High Court as a test case to establish Aboriginal’s land rights including their ownership of land. A test case is a case that establishes new legal rights or principles. In this case, the concept of terra nullius was also challenged. Terra Nullius means ‘empty land’. The concept of terra…

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  • The Role Of Good And Evil In Bram Stoker's Dracula

    Dracula and the good being shown by the other characters who sought out to defeat Dracula upon figuring out his true desires. The story begins with a young solicitor named Jonathon Harker who is assigned to go to Transylvania by his firm to assist Count Dracula 's purchase of real estate in London. The battle is foreshadowed upon the young solicitor, Jonathon Harker being handed a crucifix after hearing a landlady say, "It is the eve of St. George 's Day. Do you not know that tonight, when the…

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  • Why Is Thurgood Marshall Important To The Civil Rights Movement

    The work of Thurgood Marshall is considered some of the greatest and most important in the American Civil Rights Movement. He was able to break down many racial barriers using the law and the Constitution to fight for the rights of all people. As a young African American growing up in Baltimore, Maryland in the early 1900’s, Thurgood Marshall experienced racial discrimination. These experiences he was faced with helped ignite his passion for civil rights. However, it was not until he joined the…

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  • John Roberts Supreme Court Justice

    Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. Just as it has been more interesting to take this class during an election year, perhaps now is also one of the most interesting times to study a Supreme Court justice. I chose John Roberts for two reasons, first, because he was a conservative and it is very likely that Donald Trump will choose a conservative justice this year. Secondly, because I thought it was interesting that he became a Supreme Court Justice at a relatively young age. I wondered, “Did he…

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  • Eddie Mabo Land Rights

    ownership and inheritance system that the community followed on Mer island. Many in the audience saw the significance of Mabo’s speech including a lawyer who suggested that there should be a test case to claim land rights through the court system. Solicitor, Greg McIntyre took the case and represented Mabo and they both applied for research grants from the Australian Institute Of Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS) which was…

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