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  • Family Court Observation Essay

    My report on courtroom observation focuses on observation of Family Court of Australia. This is the first time of my life visiting to court and I went to Federal Circuit Court of Australia in Parramatta around 09:30 am. I walked into the building, not knowing where to go, what to say or do, or even how to dress. I asked questions what times and what cases would be best to observe? They could not answer any of those questions. I ended up taking the lift to the second floor to the Courtroom 1.…

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  • The Changing Role Of Legal Services In The UK

    Professor Stephen Mayson, one of the foremost experts in the matter, predicts that some will retain the old system, with senior partners financing their firm mainly through their direct investments or bank loans. Only a small percentage of the 156,000 solicitors and over 10,000 law firms in England and Wales have so far converted into an Alternative Business Structure. Most of them, though, now feel that the challenges brought in by the LSA represent an opportunity more than a threat, and…

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  • Corruption In Police Interrogation

    Before the questioning starts, the suspect has the right to receive legal advice from their lawyer or from a solicitor on duty or from the Defence Solicitor Call Centre (DSCC) if they cannot afford legal aid . The PACE Code C section 11.1 highlights the caution that every interview proceeded by the police should take place in the police station. Hereby, the police 's limitation is…

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  • Elements Of The Offence Analysis

    Solicitor for Regina was S Kavanagh (Solicitor for Public Prosecution) and M Bowe Solicitors for the offender. The Plea Desmond Campbell pleaded ‘Not Guilty’. Factors That Affect The Sentencing Decision There were Aggravating Factors: Offence: Mr. Campbell pushed Janet off a 50m drop cliff…

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  • Maintenance Vs Champerty Essay

    The overlapping doctrines of maintenance and champerty have long been regarded as cornerstones of the common law, particularly in Ireland. While these doctrines overlap to some degree Matthew Dutton, a justice of the peace in Dublin writing in 1721, stated the difference between these two doctrines as follows: “My Lord Coke tells us, that Champerty is Maintenance, but not é converso;1 so that the Difference between these Offences seems to be thus: Champerty, is where the Party prosecuting is to…

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  • Thurgood Marshall

    Thurgood Marshall grew up a minority, but valiantly gained a voice as he fought for the rights of not only himself, but other minorities as well who lacked a proper voice and equal rights enjoyed by white citizens of the United States. He was born into a century that would be monumental for African Americans and minorities alike. Although the century began with heavy segregation, discrimination, and violence against the African American community, its conclusion would produce an active voice for…

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  • Essay On Custody Officer

    detainee is informed of their rights while they are being detained, which follows Code C of Police and Evidence Act 1984, which includes the requirement to explain a person’s right while detained. One of detainee rights is their right to consult with a solicitor The consultation is…

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  • Legal Case Study: Miss Seashell Case

    to enter into a legally binding contract. There was also undertones of undue influence by her then husband making the contract invalid under contract law section 12.12 undue influence. However I would advise the Bank to pursue charges against the solicitor Mr. Sharkface for negligence and the resulting damages under the laws of fiduciary duty. The bank is also entitled to the promissory note of $100,000.00 signed by the couple under the law of bill of exchange & negotiable instrument. The…

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  • Sex Offender Notification Definition

    likelihood of solicitors prosecuting youth charged with sex offenses. The cases that were prosecuted, the policy was associated with a well increase in the likelihood of guilty determinations. A hypothesis was conducted that the reduced of solicitors prosecuting juvenile sex offense cases was due to their unwillingness to subject some youth to South Carolina’s harsh registration requirements. A further hypothesis that an increase rate of guilty determinations due, in part, to solicitors…

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  • Riley V. California Case Brief

    The article introduces California Solicitor General Edward DuMont’s arguments: including that in the case of an arrest a police officer would be allowed to check a billfold, and that there is no difference between checking a phone or a billfold, “no warrant should be required for any information…

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