Central Highlands Community Legal Centre

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1. Introduction
The objective of this report is to consider a human resource management issue, analyse the situation, identify issues and provide recommendations in moving forward. This report will look at key issues pertaining to staff training and development for the administrative team at Central Highlands Community Legal Centre (CHCLC).
1.1 The organisation
CHCLC is a generalist community legal centre providing free legal information and advice on a variety of civil legal matters for those who cannot afford legal representation. CHCLC obtains funding for services from State and Federal Government, in addition to applying for grants to run specific programs.
CHCLC was incorporated in 1989 and employs three full time and two part time
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Due to the selection process for staff, there is no benchmarking for requisite skills.
2.1 Analysis of Issue
Further to identifying significant issues in human resource management for CHCLC, it essential to consider the impact these deficiencies have on the organisation, its ability to deliver on strategic objectives, meet service level agreement (SLA) requirements and maintain a professional reputation.
It is reasonable to expect senior administrative staff to have a high level of ability in writing and preparing documents, including developing and presenting appropriately policy and procedural documents. The inability of CHCLC administrative staff to deliver on these requirements increases the work load for the legal practitioners, removing them from their core activity and placing them at risk of failing to meet targets, as set and agreed to in the SLA with the major funding body. Further to this, the low level ability in the use of Microsoft programs, specifically Word, unnecessarily increases operational costs due to outsourcing major documents for proofing and
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2.2 Industry best practice The quality of a not-for-profits ‘(NFPs) administrative and support services has a direct impact on their capacity to deliver critical services to people in need whereas high quality administrative support services can free up time for staff to spend more time working on the core business of servicing the needs of their clients (Nous Group 2012).
Industry best practice for community legal centres can be evaluated through the National Accreditation Scheme (NAS) which was commissioned by the National Association of Community Legal Centres, as shown in appendix A.
The prime objective of the accreditation process was to

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