Case Study: Seymours Solicitors

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I am an enthusiastic marketing consultant, experienced in digital marketing and marketing communication. I focus on the real needs of the client and develop strategy accordingly, in a genuinely creative fashion. I have a passionate ‘can do’ attitude and a singular ability to write great copy. I have almost 20 years’ experience gained while working with a wide variety of organisations including outstanding special education organisations, leading charities, international firms of solicitors, bespoke business consultants and dynamic creative media companies,


58 PRODUCTIONS | communications 43 Lightwoods Hill, Smethwick B67 5DZ
Freelance Marketing Consultant September 2013 to present

I proactively advise and provide
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I have developed a long-term marketing strategy and full Marketing Plan. I revised and updated their website, and keep it up-to-date with news and blogs. The reward is a very good level of activity and client feedback confirms that the website is one of the key reasons they decide to make contact with Seymours. I have produced a series of press releases. I established a presence on social media, developed a programme of daily postings and produced “how to” guides to engage the rest of the firm. I researched and advised on the eMarketing/CRM system to be implemented, drove the project to engage the firm in incorporating contact information on the PMS system (and then the transfer to the CRM system), and devised a campaign of regular, engaging …show more content…
In June 2014 the greatest challenge facing the school was the amount of change happening in the sector, driven by the landmark Children and Families Act and a new SEN code of practice. In order to compete effectively, the school required support with marketing planning and implementation. I created a full Marketing Plan and commenced a wide-ranging timetable of marketing activities. I advised on ways to improve the new website, the most cost-effective and useful advertising channels, and how to drive up social media activity and interaction. I worked extensively with the Head of Development on developing sensitive, thoughtful marketing messages to clearly and strongly communicate the unique qualities of the school and their particularly challenging pupils. I focused on writing text for different audiences, including eShots to various lists, press releases, blog posts, social media posts, adverts/banners and directories. To publicise news at the School I successfully utilised press releases, social media, the website and eMarketing. I initiated a CRM programme, formulated an eMarketing Campaign and cleansed and updated the existing excel databases - rapidly growing each by researching and including a numerous new and up-to-date contact details. I also started to assist the School with the editorial, research and eMarketing aspects of their fundraising

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