Solar Energy And Its Impact On Society In The Future

Solar Energy Energy is considered as the most important issue of the 21st century. About 85% of today’s modern world use of energy comes from fossil fuels (Blah Blah). These particular resources, fossil fuels, are finite in quantity, and has been a major cause of air pollution and global warming. Scientists are finding alternative sources of energy to solve the century’s puzzle, a resource which is renewable, natural and efficient such as solar energy. Over 2700 years ago, people have been harvesting solar energy to make fire by magnifying sun rays via glass lenses ( Nowadays, solar energy is harvested by solar panels. This paper will explain the basic mechanisms of solar energy and it’s impacts on society in the future.
Introduction to Solar Energy and Fundamentals Engineering of Solar Panels
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The Sun provides Earth a tremendous amount of energy - powerful enough to drive all the environmental processes that occurs at the surface of Earth (Foster 7). “The amount of energy humans use annually, about 4.6 × 10 20 joules, is delivered to Earth by the Sun in one hour.” (George). This is a quantity of energy far from what humans need. Despite solar energy is considered as an economical energy source, it cannot be utilized as such; it must be transferred into a useful form of energy and contained. Nowadays this conversion is most preferred to performed by solar

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