Non Renewable Energy

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The world population increases every day, and so does the need for energy. The only problem is that much of the energy society uses is non-renewable, meaning once a source is diminished it can no longer be used again. The solution is to use the most abundant energy source that burns bright in the sky every day, the sun. The energy given off by the sun can be harnessed to create electricity, and that electricity can be stored for later use. According to the website Altenergy, “The average star, like the sun, is similar to a fusion reactor that has been giving off energy for over four billion years…that provides enough energy after just one minute to supplement the world’s energy for one year.” (Alt) With the large amount of energy given off …show more content…
A French physicist, Edmund Becquerel, discovered the suns energy could produce a Photovoltaic effect (meaning light has the potential to turn into electricity) in 1839. In The 1880s photovoltaic (PV) cells were developed out of selenium that could convert light with one to two percent efficiency (“The efficiency of a solar is the percentage of available sunlight converted by the photovoltaic cell into electricity”) (alt) The way the energy was converted to electricity was a mystery until Albert Einstein proposed an explanation in the early 1900s, that won him a Nobel Prize and led others to a better understanding of the related photovoltaic effect. Solar energy was not very important when it was first discovered to cause electricity; due to the fact that fossil fuels like oil were much cheaper and more effective energy sources. In 1954, top scientist …show more content…
The most important thing about the energy from the sun, as stated in the periodical Renewable Alternative energy sources, Renewable energy sources can be replenished in a single human lifetime, rather than over many lifetimes, as with oil or coal. (Renew) Solar energy is also sustainable, since it cannot be over used or harmful to future generations. Harnessing solar energy can cause pollution, but compared to the amount of pollution from more conventional energy sources, this amount is next to nothing. Solar energy is available for everyone in the world, some places do not get as much sunlight therefore cannot convert as much energy, but it can still be used for personal needs. Solar panels can also save people a considerable amount of money in energy bills. Home owners can save as much has over a hundred dollars a month in many states. (Energy) Solar energy is also considered to be the people’s power since they can be set up quick on the consumer level, and they are also quiet, since there are no moving parts. If a person does not want a solar panel on top of their hours, but still wants to benefit from solar power, then it is as easy has finding to see if any homes or private businesses are sharing the electricity that they have stored up. This way people can pay a fixed lower rate for electricity. The government also gives incentives or rebates for using a cleaner resource of energy, which cut some

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