Samsung Gear Sports Watch Case Study

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Samsung Gear Sport
The Samsung Gear Sport smartwatch is a dedicated sports watch. Based on many sports users the silicone strap is sweat-friendly and it has a lightweight construction. Compared to the Samsung fitness wearables this one is small and has no LTE connectivity. What we wanted to know is if this is the only thing users liked about this watch. Let us see what others had to say.
• Athletes like the rotating bezel and AMOLED display that is always on. Consumers like the tactile feel of the rotating bezel as it has magnets and makes a distinctive clicking sound.
• Swimmers love the water-resistance feature as they can use the watch up to 50-meters in water. Most divers find this helpful.
• Joggers and hikers found using the watch
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• Swimmers found the waterproof structure great, but it does not work with Bluetooth connectivity while swimming. You can use it with the Polar watches in water to receive your heart rate data.
• A nice feature most sports trainers found helpful is the ECG heart-rate sensor as it delivers data continuously.
• Joggers found using the HR chest strap connected to their smartphone a bonus as they can use the RunKeeper or Strava apps.
• The great thing is that most runners, cyclists, and skiers found are that they could customize the Polar Beat app to track their specific sports activities.
• The biggest talked about feature by professional trainers is that you can use it with a sports watch, smartphone and 3rd –party apps.
• Consumers found the battery life lasts a month, but replacing it, you need to have a screwdriver nearby.
All in all the Polar H7 offers you an accurate heart rate monitoring. The battery lasts a while if you remember to unclip the transmitter. Connected to your smartphone or sports watch it makes for one of the fitness trackers available to
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The Garmin HRM-Tri is a bit expensive, yet, comfortable to wear and the catching is great. Garmin has sorted out most of the data capture, retrieval, and analysis issues mentioned by some users.

Apple Watch Series 3
The Apple Watch 3 you can buy in two forms one with GPS and the other with cellular connectivity. Athletes found the watch impressive as it tracks their run and cycle and it is water-resistant for swimming. However, is this all that this smartwatch can do?
• A big bonus according to consumers is the LTE function. You can use the watch as a standalone with the onboard cellular connection. However, it only receives phone calls and remains dependent on your handset even if it is lying at home.
• Athletes found the call quality on the device impressive while running.
• Another big update is the music streaming as runners found this great while working out and enjoying a run in the park.
• Health enthusiasts found the screen attractive, clear, and bright to read outdoors. Even the flick of the wrist to wake up the watch is

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