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The purpose of this paper is to argue for the implementation of an organized community garden program at UC Santa Barbara by first establishing the potential effectiveness of horticulture at advancing access to fresh food and promoting personal wellbeing among the student population. In doing so, this paper will examine several key question regarding the benefits of agricultural production on campus and its feasibility. First, how much food could be grown on campus and how does this compare to current produce consumption in a single year? Second, how will community gardens help to alleviate the issue of food insecurity among college students? Third, what are the advantages of improved nutrition from a diet of increased fruits and vegetables? Fourth, what role can campus organizations play in providing and supporting sustainable organic produce? Fifth, how can community gardens further student mental health?
The need for community
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The pavement surface also precludes crop growing in underlying soil; raised soil beds will need to be constructed. Moreover, litter and pollution from surrounding urban surfaces must be closely monitored and mitigated to ensure healthy plant growth.
Location 5: Phelps Hall roof (on-campus)
3 rectangles: (69ft x 250ft) + (70ft x 190ft) + (100ft x 260ft) = 56,550 sq ft
(56,550 sq ft) x (1 acre)/(43,560 sq ft) x (1 hectare)/(2.47105 acre) = 0.5254 ha
Shading from tall trees and raised portions of the roof structure of Phelps Hall will constrain plant growth on the lower roof sections. Soil beds will need to be constructed on the roof surfaces and the farming operation will necessitate reinforced roof architecture capable of supporting the additional weight of soil, water, plants, and materials.

Average Crop Yield

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