Violence Intervention Case Study

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Focusing on the primary level on violence prevention, the goal of my intervention is to help prevent onset of violence within children before they reach they at risk ages where they become more likely to commit a violent crime. I will do this by reducing the exposure to violence children experience, thus, reducing the occurrence rate of violent acts among today’s youth. To go about this, I will begin by reaching out to College Park Academy (CPA), a blended middle-high school, in Prince George’s county Maryland. My sample will be taken from the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), consisting of 35-50 members each year. CPA 's PTO meets on the second Thursday of each month from 6:00-7:00 pm at school. (17) I will choose one meeting each academic quarter of the school year, totaling to 4 presentations a year with the PTO members. Reviewing similar information 4 times a year will reinforce it, and shows that youth violence has a high level of importance. The PTO members are required to attend all the meetings so they would be attending all of …show more content…
The questions will vary depending on the video shown, but answers should include information acquired from the PowerPoint presentation to prove that the audience gained information from the presentation and that the intervention was successful. Here are some sample questions based on Jimmy’s example case study:
• What role did Jimmy’s parents have on his violent behaviors?
• Name two protective factors that could have prevented Jimmy from getting involved in gangs or doing drugs.
• At which stage in Jimmy’s life did he most need professional counseling?
The purpose of this follow-up is to assess what the group learned from the presentation and video, if they learned anything. Reviewing the post-assessment questions brings me to the final topic of my intervention,

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