Group Observation Report

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In this essay, I will be reflecting on our group presentation and the work that led up to it. I will cover how are rules and norms contributed to how the group functioned. How the different roles we took contributed or took away from our group success. Just how far using your decision making and leaderships skills can take you within your group environments. I will also talk about how our group was effective what made it so, and what I learned from this experience. Finally, I will address just how cohesive we were as a group and how we faced and resolved conflict. Only by working together as a true group unit will you reach success in your main goals.
For our group our rules and norms were the same as would be in regular Canadian society. Our
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I was the group member who delegated our weekly tasks and decided where we needed to be by the next week. Myself, Shanna and Morgan were all great team workers. Morgan was the team leader she took the initiative and started to set up the trivia and PowerPoint for us. Morgan was a strong and effective group leader she brought us all together and kept us working well together. Shanna had more of a passive role but she always did her fair share of work and took I would say the role of a resource investigator. Travis was not very good at being a team worker he wanted everything his way he took very much the role of a completer. Travis tried to take over Morgan 's part of the project, I didn 't like that so I delegated each person a section that they needed to stick to this worked well for us all. To a certain degree I think we all took on different roles at different times but in the end whatever roles we had we taken and turned into a great …show more content…
Travis was problematic team member to work with he created conflict with Morgan when he tried to steal her work, he created conflict with me when he talked down to Morgan and me saying that because we are you that we don 't know what we 're doing. Travis also was demeaning to me over a personal situation in which Morgan got angry and stood up for me. Shanna, Morgan and I worked well together we were very much a cohesive group with no conflict we felt free to share ideas and bounce our research off each other. Even though working with Travis was hard we all made a group effort to work together to be a cohesive team so we could finish our work and kill when we did our

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