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  • Soft Obsidian/Slow Decay: A Story Of My Life

    “Soft Obsidian/Slow Decay” reminded my a lot of my brother and made the biggest impact in my life. If you were to see my brother and interact with him, you would never know he was struggling with addiction just like the author of the article. My brother is the sweetest and loving person in the world. He has always done everything in his power to protect me from everything and everyone. He would always tell me that he wanted to quit but that it was really hard for him and he was afraid of what our family would think. He knew he had a problem and was ready to seek help. I knew when he was using because when he would come home he would randomly have aggressive outbreaks. He would start arguing with my mom and start punching walls and throwing things. Knowing…

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  • Ceramic Phase 3

    Exotic goods like marine shell, obsidian, and jade are reserved for the highest status individuals in Ceramic Phase 1 and 2, while magnetite mirrors and carved crystal are reserved for the highest status individuals in Phase 3. There is also a differentiation of sex in the distribution of exotic goods. For example, during Ceramic Phase 2, high status females were buried with marine shell, while high status males were buried with Obsidian and Jade. Some children are also buried with marine shell.…

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  • Loss Of Communication In Speech Sounds, By Octavia Butler

    Empathy can be shown without speaking. While Butler demonstrates how speech is taken for granted and in her short story she also puts in smaller points where shared feelings and understanding is present. When Rye and Obsidian are driving to Pasadena, they both learn of each other’s abilities to speak, read and write. They connect, despite confusingly communicating with gestures and its almost as if they complete each other. Rye can speak while Obsidian can read and write; one lacks what the…

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  • Slide Board Research Paper

    according with the material and brand. The boards have a smooth surface and each side contain end blocks, called bumpers (Lloyd, 1992). It is recommended that the participants put special sliding booties over their sneakers, which enable sliding across the board (Lloyd, 1992). Some products have been becoming popular, such as Obsidian Fitness program, which include DVDs demonstrating how to use and certain types of exercises to intense full body cardio and muscular workout. Product Fitness…

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  • The Importance Of Aztec Warfare

    conquered people. The warfare and conquering of cities did exactly this, it showed respect to their ruler. Lastly “ An Aztec declaration of war followed a ritual pattern. First, the Aztecs asked a city to join the empire as an ally, the city had 60 days to agree. If the city’s ruler refused, the Aztecs declared war’’ This is what would happen if the Aztecs asked other cities to be apart of their empire and if the other city refused they would declare war. This is why, and how, the Aztecs…

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  • Spiritual Beliefs

    To start, we can safely assume that religion is not just a choice that people in Teotihuacan would decide to or not to follow, but absolutely a way of life. We believe ultimately that the people in Teotihuacan were taught that Gods and religion and daily living were not different but one in the same. Considering that I would be an artisan who lives commonly, but I make tools that are luxurious and important to long-distance trade so I would likely be perhaps more religious than the average…

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  • Rongorongo Artifact

    Originally I was going to create a flake from two rocks I collected from my backyard, however, the rocks did not budge when I hit them and no flake was produced and it also resulted in minor injury. Instead, I used a white pebble also from my backyard, the reason I chose this was because it was the closest material I found that resembled an obsidian flake/core. I cut the pebble down by hitting it with a larger rock, which caused it to flake, creating a perfect piece for carving. Following the…

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  • Prejudice And Acceptance In Speech Sounds By Dwight Okita

    knows no boundaries, has not changed, and acceptance occurs in both those who judge and are being judged. Prejudice beliefs and actions have been around for as long as humans roam the earth. According to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, prejudice is simply defined as “an unfair feeling of dislike for a person or group because of race, sex, religion, etc.”. In Speech Sounds, the level of prejudice beliefs are essentially primitive. In a ruined America over ran with a plague, prejudice…

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  • The Importance Of Language In Speech Sounds By Octavia E. Butler

    Today’s society is build on words, without them it crumbles. The inability to communicate by word creates divisions between people. As these divisions grow their world transforms from a structured society to a ramshackle aberration of its previous self. While she travels with obsidian, she reflects on her own language impairment, “She had lost reading and writing. That was her most serious impairment and her most painful. She had taught history at UCLA. She had done freelance writing. Now she…

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  • Ancient History: The Ancient Mayan Civilization

    civilization, the Mayans found influences from other Mesoamerican civilizations such as Theotihuacan and the Toltecs. Mayan art reached its peak during the civilizations “Classic Period”(two hundred to nine hundred common era). During this period as well a others, the Mayans were known for their usage of materials like Jade, obsidian, and stucco. Jade is a typically hard material that is most commonly seen in a green color. Obsidian is “a hard, dark, glasslike volcanic rock formed by the…

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