Occupational therapy

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  • Occupational Therapy

    The field of occupational therapy serves to aid people in regaining their independence. As an occupational therapist, your goal is to provide your patients with proper physical rehabilitation to engage in meaningful work, or occupations. The American Occupational Therapy Association defines this allied health field as, a career which assists people throughout the lifespan engage in the activities they want and believe are necessary by utilizing everyday activities as a means for therapy (“What is”). The field involves both psychological and physiological aspects of the patient. Therefore an occupational therapist must be trained in a variety of subjects. Mary Anne Peabody and Stephen P. Demanchick note an occupational therapist must be competent…

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  • Occupational Therapy Rehab Essay

    In occupational therapy rehab plays a vital role in improving your patients health. Each client should have a rehab program based uniquely to them and their injury. There are many forms of rehab, but many are repetitive and become boring over time. The health field is always looking for new and improved forms of rehab. One of the best ways to do this is look at what is catching on in our culture at this time. A new and upcoming form of rehab one that uses Pokémon GO. Before we dive into Pokémon…

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  • Occupational Therapy Student Reflection

    resource center to complete an assessment on children. The center is located near FAMU on 459 FAMU Way, Tallahassee FL, 32301. Upon arrival, the occupational therapy students signed booklet to be accounted for and for safety reasons. The center divides children based on their needs and age. The adults supervised the children that are limited to playing some games, and interactions with their peers. When I entered the room, I realized there was a baby named JW who was very tearful, because her…

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  • Occupational Therapy Career

    the position. Others research the job duties and daily routine of the profession. I had the opportunity to learn both of these things as well as other important things about Occupational Therapy when interviewing Ms. Kristen Dorwart-Marsh of the Regional Rehabilitation Institute in Rapid City, South Dakota. Ms. Dorwart-Marsh was very excited to meet with me and spread information about the career of Occupational Therapy. We discussed the job duties, ways to get into occupational therapy, skills…

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  • History Of Occupational Therapy

    Occupational Therapists Make People Normal Again Merriam Webster defines occupational therapy (OT) as a therapy based on engagement in meaningful activities in daily life. Occupational therapists find themselves doing jobs most people do not have the patience for. These therapists have traits of caring, patience, and love. This practice of therapy has not existed forever. Like everything else in the world someone has to have the idea for something(s). Just like people need doctors, people need…

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  • Benjamin Franklin: The Founder Of Occupational Therapy

    All great institutions grow from a single idea. Only after a strong foundation of beliefs, visions, and values is built can a structure hold its strength. It only takes the minds of a small group of people to build an establishment. The people behind any creation are called founders. The field of occupational therapy has seven original founders, including George Barton, William Rush Dunton, Thomas Kidner, Eleanor Clark Slagle, Susan Tracy, Susan Johnson, and Herbert J. Hall. They all had a…

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  • Occupational Therapy Philosophy

    1. Describe your understanding of this program’s philosophy and curriculum design. Please provide relevant examples from your personal and/or professional experiences. The philosophy of the University of Toledo 's occupational therapy program strongly focuses on the importance of being able to perform occupations. An occupation is anything that a person may do as a part of their daily life, such as brushing their teeth, getting dressed, and working. A person who gains or regains the ability…

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  • The Importance Of Occupational Therapy

    I remember the first time I found out about occupational therapy, I had just began working in a pediatric facility for speech and language and occupational therapy. In the beginning it was difficult to understand these two professions. However, once I learned and gained experience on both these therapies, I was fascinated of what occupational therapy consisted of. I was able to observer the Occupational Therapist at my job, she was able to explain in certain details about the phase of the…

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  • Breann Powell's Role In Occupational Therapy

    Breann Powell is an eighteen year old female and she is currently an Occupational Therapy student at Worcester State University. For this profile she filled out a “time study” that she recorded her activities for four days, an interest check list that she labeled different activities as a casual interest, a strong interest, or no interest, and she took a life balance inventory which gives life balance scores based on what she is interested in and how often she gets to do those things. Roles and…

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  • Occupational Therapy: A Personal Narrative Analysis

    improving basic movement skills and neurological functions (Hoffman). For children, OTs help them participate in school and social situations whereas for older adults they help to provide support to those that are going through mental, emotional, and physical changes (“AOTA The American Occupational Therapist Association, Inc.). To do this, each patient has a goal that they are trying to meet when they first are brought to the clinic. Once the goal is made, activities to help the patients reach…

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