Observations and Measurements

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  • Observation Of Social Interaction Theory

    During my time at IHOP I observed some very interesting things about todays society. Before I entered the establishment I noticed a happy family returning to their car. So I made the assumption that these observations would all be the same because of possibly of great service and environment. I was gravely mistaken. I walked into IHOP and was seated in a great spot to observe people. The situations I observed were; a group of 5 teenager girls, a old man by himself, and it seemed to be two female friends with their newborn babies. The first thing that I could connect perfectly with a theory was the Social-Conflict theory. The friends with the children were set off towards the corner, and hidden away from the rest of the restaurant. Several other families were in that general are also. I didn’t find that equal at all. They were secluded, as if only families with young children had to sit there. The body language of the waiter towards them was impatient; he kept on tapping his pen on his pad and sighing overdramatically. When the parents apologized to…

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  • Tantrum Toys Case Study

    inventor puts one end of the straw into the tray of solution and blows through the other end for 5 seconds and the largest bubble is recorded with the rulers. The free floating test used a 80 ml beaker of solution, a straw, and a ruler. A inventor took the straw and put one end into the 80 ml of solution and capped the other end with their finger to capture the solution, and blew through the end that was capped by the finger. The free floating bubbles were allowed to descend to the ground where…

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  • A Summary Of Grady Tract

    alternatives to restore oak savanna on the site. b) Specific Objectives i) Survey trees on the Grady tract. Identify them, record their location and measure DBH (diameter at breast high). Include any observations that could be considered important. ii) Measure percentage of canopy density in the Grady tract area. iii) Measure woody debris depth in the Grady tract area. iv) Create maps showing canopy cover, woody debris depth, and what species dominate the Grady Tract. 2. Personal Objectives a)…

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  • Long Term Ecological Research Paper

    precision of freshwater partial pressure of CO2 (pCO2) estimates. To better understand observational uncertainty in CO2 flux from inland waters, here we conduct an analysis of historical observations and take new field observations at the North Temperate Lake Long Term Ecological Research (NTL LTER) site to quantify random errors in freshwater carbon system. We further estimate errors contribution to the precision of pCO2 derived from multiple carbonate equilibria and identify other sources of…

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  • 11a Lab Report

    11a, lab 1: Motion, Measurement and Statistics In the first lab we will investigate the motion of a ball rolling down an inclined plane. We will use this simple system to investigate the concept of systematic and random measurement uncertainties to understand how much we can trust a measurement. We will then compare the experimental outcome with theory. I. Ball on an inclined plane: Measuring motion We want to measure the motion of a ball that rolls down on an inclined plane…

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  • Office Space Lab

    Office Spaces is updating their office chairs and have decided to alter the material and cross section of the arm supports. They have requested our assistance in evaluating several materials through experiments and simulations. The purpose of this experiment is to test these various materials and to recommend a material choice and cross section geometry that will minimize deflection of the arm supports. The following sections of this memorandum will detail several facets of the experiment.…

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  • Volumetric Pipette Lab

    Now move onto using 10mL volumetric pipette. Measure the temperature of the water again as before. In exact same way as before now pipette 10mL of water into 3 dry tubes and re-weight. Calculate the volume of water in each tube using 10mL volumetric pipette. Refer to practical – Chemistry Experiment 1 procedure by UniSA/Anthea Fudge, 2015, pages 149-158. Observations In this practical there are some thing happen which is after measuring the two sample my weight scale was not working.…

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  • Crime Scene Evidence

    Boots, he writes about the use of hand and laser measurement devices used at crime scenes. One hand held measurement method that Books writes about is a rolling measurement device. This type of device should be checked against a steel tape measure to compare over various distances. Boots states, "Probably one of the most commonly used devices is a good old-fashioned tape measure. It is recommended to use steel tape measures as opposed to those made of fiberglass. Steel tape measures tend to…

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  • Tantrum Toys Case Summary

    My group noticed that for Solution 1 the bubbles the were created were rather small and usually multiple were made. It was hard to make one large bubble and it usually lasted a short amount of time. The solution was also quite thin and sudzy. Solution 2 was a thin liquid and would also form multiple bubbles but there seemed to be an equal chance of making a small or large bubble. Solution 3 was a thick liquid and it usually made one large bubble but it was harder to blow a bubble. For Solution 4…

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  • Errors And Trigonometry

    After processing the data to find the mass of sodium bicarbonate as well as calculating the percent errors, standard deviation and etcetera, many trends and discussion topics arose and the data produced had small calculations. The percent error showed scattered results. When looking at the table, the percent errors can go from 7.05% to 200% and the reason for the extremely high percents were systematic errors made while measuring vinegar or other measurements. Two of the three deformities in…

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