Observational study

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  • Observational Study Methods

    The study design of the Evans study was based upon the use of both direct interview and observational study methods. For the direct interview methods, social demographic data, medical variables, employment status, and subjective indicators were obtained via personal interview Interviewers were trained during a three-day training session to ensure uniform interview processes. Completed interviews were obtained from 90% of eligible patients (Evans et al, 1985). The responses to these interview questions was then compared to the existing indexes: the index of Physiological Effect, the Index of Overall Life Satisfaction, and the Index of Well Being (Evans et al, 1985). Within the Evans study observational study methods were used to extract medical…

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  • Flirting With Meaning Analysis

    behavior among college students, we have compared two waves of data, analyzing different times and days; however, the location of the study remained the same: Game room. The first wave of data analyzed the flirting behavior of students in the game room at 10am on a Monday. The following wave demonstrated the flirting behavior of students on a Thursday afternoon. The data analyzed during this study suggests that college students display more flirting behavior in between classes from 12-1 than to…

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  • Makeup: Observational Study

    Is leaving makeup on overnight really that bad? Many people can relate to the lack of motivation to take off makeup after a long night out or an exhausting day. However, this can be detrimental to the health of your skin. Although one slip up will not cause a breakout, clogged pores and wrinkles, a study conducted in London 2013 shows how repeated nights with makeup can cause drastic changes to the overall appearance and health of your skin. A woman named Anna Pursglove decided that she wanted…

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  • Quantitative Observational Study

    to determine the relationship whether low social support among the elderly increases risk of depression is a quantitative observational study. This type of study involves data that can take on numerical values (Salazar, Crosby & Diclemente, 2015). The reason this type of research will be used in this study because it involves measuring frequency of responses or written responses that can be quantified. For instance, in this study the data collection process will include a generated…

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  • Happiness: Observational Study

    In my opinion, observational studies has its disadvantages. By simply observing an individual, this would not be truly reliable, there can be many factors that can influence the researcher to come to a conclusion that someone is happy or not without fully getting in depth. Observational reports in many cases also turns out to be description of events, rather than explanation. It would also be difficult to observe an individual for one day and come to a conclusion that he is happy. This process…

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  • ICU: A Multicenter Observational Study

    and nurse burn out. Three studies will be discussed in this paper pertaining to nurse- to-patient…

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  • Gender Biases: Observational Study

    I chose to focus my observational study on gender biases (between male and females) that occur during the cleanup period of a meal. The observation took place on March 27th, 2016 in my home located in Montville, NJ. After Easter lunch I observed, for thirty minutes, the “cleanup period”—the period where the table is cleaned, food is put away, and dishes, utensils, and glasses are washed. I observed twenty individuals. Eleven participants were male and nine participants were female. The age range…

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  • Child Observational Study

    This study chose to, “examine the potential intergenerational transmission of social skills and psychosocial problems (i.e., loneliness and anxiety) among a sample of 255 father-mother-adult child triads,” (Burke et al., 2013). Burke, Woszidlo, & Sergin (2013) argued that one of the primary places to learn any kind of social skills is in a family setting. How a parent communicates with others arounds them can influence their child and can even go as far as predicting what kind of social skills…

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  • Observational Learning Case Study

    Topic 1 – Observational Learning, Textbook p.168 When JW came into the workplace to learn about his new job, he was excited about the new educational learning that he would be receiving about the modernized electrical control systems in the factory. As JW started learning about controlling Ethernet drives and input / output control systems, he started struggling with the concept of the many different things that were going on inside one communications cable. His classic conditioning of the old…

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  • Hyperoxia Studies Case Study

    egin{table}[H] centering captionof{table}{Characteristics of hyperoxia studies - 1} label{tab:table 3.11} egin{tabularx}{0.99 extwidth}{p{0.27 extwidth} p{0.25 extwidth} p{0.23 extwidth}p{0.23 extwidth}} \ hline abularnewline extbf{Author (year)} & extbf{Study design} & extbf{Hyperoxia threshold} & extbf{Hypoxia threshold} \ abularnewline hline abularnewline extbf{Post cardiac arrest}\ abularnewline Del Castillo (2012)cite{DelCastillo2012} & Prospective cohort…

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