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  • The Vancouver Hockey Riot Case Study

    famous Bobo doll experiment (Bandura, 1961), subjects were more likely to imitate those that were perceived similar to themselves (in this case hockey fans), and were more likely to imitate behaviour by those of the same gender. Further evidence of the study was that subjects receiving positive reinforcement for their behaviour, were more likely to continue such behaviour (Chance, 2006). However, differential association does not need to be so obvious to apply to criminal behaviour. Otto Larsen…

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  • The Background Of Albert Bandura's Social Learning Theory

    His most famous and well known study was the puzzle box. This study consisted of a cat being placed in a box and timed on how long it took for them to escape. The study implemented a reward for the cat once it escaped which made it learn and remember faster thus making the escape time short each trail. The goal of operant conditioning is to understand…

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  • 11a Lab Report

    11a, lab 1: Motion, Measurement and Statistics In the first lab we will investigate the motion of a ball rolling down an inclined plane. We will use this simple system to investigate the concept of systematic and random measurement uncertainties to understand how much we can trust a measurement. We will then compare the experimental outcome with theory. I. Ball on an inclined plane: Measuring motion We want to measure the motion of a ball that rolls down on an inclined plane…

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  • Acetic Acid Lab Report

    The aim of this experiment is to determine through calculations the concentration of acetic acid content within a common white vinegar. Apparatus / Materials Plastic Tray Electronic scales Sodium hydroxide Volumetric flask and lid Glass funnel Distilled water Pipette Volumetric pipette/s (5mL, 20mL) Bulb Conical flask Retort Stand Burette Burette clamp White Tile Method Place the plastic tray on the electronic scales and press tare to set the wither to zero; Weigh out 0.7993g of Sodium…

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  • Bottle Rocket Experiment

    Discussion It can be seen from the experimental data, that the relationship between the difference in initial pressure inside the bottle rocket and the atmosphere, and the vertical height reached by the bottle rocket after 0.1 seconds, is proportional. This is quantitatively demonstrated by the high R2 value of 0.99533 of the graphed relationship, which indicates the likeness of points in a data set to an established trend; where 1 = a perfect relationship. The gradient of 0.0236 in the…

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  • Social Psychological Theories Of Aggression Analysis

    Likewise, we should consider it is difficult to know whether feeling anonymous was the only reason the women delivered the electric shocks, there may be further reasons. In addition, Watson’s experiment was a meta-analysis of correlational studies, therefore it is substantially difficult to draw a direct cause and effect relationship since cultural normal were different when these cultures existed. Though, based on the above points, the evidence does seem to limit the support for deindividuation…

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  • Nature Vs. Nurture: Parents Spend Enough Time With Their Children

    Nature versus Nurture has been an ongoing debate for years, ever since the first theorists Skinner, Freud, Bandura, and Bowlby concluded their own theories. Some said that is was nature such as genetics that affected a child all throughout life; others argued that nurture and how a child was raised caused the outcome. Theorists and scientists alike all picked a side and tried to prove which had more importance in life. Where a child is raised is going to affect the development more than just…

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  • Kathleen Macfarlane Case Study

    Interviews with children who have witnessed traumatic incidences can be very difficult to conduct because the objectives of identifying an accurate incidence without false accusation are hard to control. Upon looking at the interview conducted by Kathleen MacFarlane, a few issues stand out. One issue in this interview is that Macfarlane, begins the interview with the following statement, “Mr. Monkey is a little bit chicken, and he can't remember any of the naked games, but we think that you can…

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  • Social Strain Theory

    Social Learning Theory and Strain Theory (Siegel & Walsh 2016 pp. 111) Social learning theory implies that criminal behavior is learned through close interactions with others, this theory, based on the assumption that all children are good at birth and have been taught to be bad. Depending on the children’s peer environment, any deviant values from interaction of family, friends or associates. If brought up in the wrong environment, nine out of ten will probably cave-in to crime. As…

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  • Acceleration Of Gravity Experiment

    Abstract The value for the acceleration of gravity was measured in this report through the investigation using three different methods, each varying in accuracy, to calculate the period of a pendulum. The period was measured by repeatedly timing the time it took for the pendulum to return to its original position once it was swung from a certain point (for the first method one oscillation was timed, however in the second and third ten oscillations were timed and the overall time was divided by…

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