Reflection On Response To Intervention In Special Education

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Module 3 Reflection In this paper the students were asked to reflect on what is Response To Intervention (RTI), the referral process, and eligibility for special education. According to Bryant, Bryant and Smith, for an education program to be appropriate for any student it must be individualized (Bryant, Bryant, & Smith, 2017, p. 214). All three of the above items help the educators individualize an instructional plan for each student that requires special education services. This reflection paper will cover; what RTI is, what the referral process is, and how eligibility is determined, then relate it to the school site assigned. These topics will be discussed in the order listed. The first item to discuss is what is RTI. According …show more content…
I believe that the referral process is the formal request for assistance. Bryant, Bryant and Smith, indicated besides the general education teacher a referral can come from parents, social service agency, public health nurses, day care professionals, or doctors (Bryant, Bryant, & Smith, 2017, p. 224). This referral brings a team of professionals together to focus on the student’s needs. This team is composed of the general education teacher, parents, special education teacher, and any professionals required such as psychologist or therapist. This team will look at the data that was collected in the pre-referral stage and request, with parent’s approval, any evaluation that may be required. The team will look at all of the evidence and then decide if the student meets the requirements for special education. At my observation site the referral process starts with the pre-referral. For every student in the school a 45-day screening is completed. It is a check list that the general education teacher fills out. At the 45-day mark, if the checklist indicates that a student needs assistance in any area, then a Multidisciplinary evaluation team (MET) is convened. This team will request evaluations to be completed and other data required is collected. This must be completed within 60 days. All of this information will be looked at to determine the student’s need for special …show more content…
In my observation school site, to be eligible for special education the student must meet one of the IDEA disability categories. This disability must interfere with the student’s ability to learn. In this school the students are given an IQ test, if the results show that a student’s score is under 70 this can indicate that the student may have an intellectual or developmental disability. This IQ score along with the performance test scores are used in determining the eligibility of the student for special education services. Eligibility seems to be a very confusing step in the special education process at this school. I was unable to acquire a good explanation of how the IQ test is really used in eligibility. The best answer I received was that the bigger the difference between the IQ test and the performance the greater chance that a student would be placed in special education. I am hoping that this topic will be covered more in this class as I am still confused on the eligibility of a student to be placed in special

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