Functional Behavior Intervention Essay

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As I shadowed the counselor at Tucker Middle School for a summer program, I realized that some of the benefits of implementing early intervention and RTI (Response to Intervention) for children with early signs of a learning disability is serious topic. Instead of just placing students in special education programs educators must assess and evaluate students, as well as trying early intervention programs which help delay disabilities or stop the disability from forming or progressing.
I’ve always heard a little about the RTI, but one that differed from what I have encountered in the school system is the Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA). This allows a systematic process for gathering information that helps determine the relationship between
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This will involve being ready and organized in such a way you manage your lessons to that things run smoothly; fifth, using accountability options allows teachers to design how students are held accountable for their learning task; and sixth, I would love to incorporate the environmental options, which creates a classroom conducive to meet the learning needs of the entire classroom. This includes rules and codes that the classroom will use, the procedures that should be followed by all, and how the classroom will be arranged to meet each individual …show more content…
I say this because diagnoses are in general, not very helpful in terms of actual classroom intervention, as there really aren’t uniform intervention for children with particular diagnoses; rather, interventions should be tailored around specific behaviors. Different children with same diagnose will present differently. So, even if the child is misdiagnosed, that really shouldn’t present an issue with intervention in the classroom at least, as interventions are based on behaviors, not diagnosis. Each diagnosis is different with each child, and all diagnoses can be different depending on what the situation is. Children can be diagnose with behavioral issues and others disabilities, and with each of these follows many categorical criteria for services under that individual

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