Importance Of Early Intervention

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 Name of Program/Setting (full description of environment, students, teachers, etc.)
The program that I choose to do my observations is the Ounce of Prevention, the classroom is a three to five class, with seventeen students and three teachers. The classroom is divided into fine areas for the children to move around freely. The children were actively engaged in their experiences. As I observed the children in their play, I saw positive relationships and interactions with adults and peers. The children were able to explore all available resources around the room. The children were engaged in conversations with their teachers that showed expression language building, for example a child was looking out the window and he pointed up and said look
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I can’t say I understand what the parents are going through when they are told somethings going on with their child, what I can say is, I will be supportive as possible to guide the family in the right directions to get the support they may need. I see sometimes that parents are not talked to by staff members about their child until time has passed or even explained too about what is noticed, parents are not being educated the right way about Early Intervention may be the reason for, turning away and refusing to sign papers, or even discipline the child the right way, or even saying my child is ok, being in

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