Scaffolding In My Experience In An ESL Class

During my experience in an ESL class I saw many of our course objectives come to life. The program was rather small but I witnessed many ways the teacher adjust lessons to meet the needs of students who are still learning english. During my visit I saw many different scaffolding that helped the students during different assignments and lessons. In class we learned how important scaffolding is in classroom with Ells. For a reading assignments the teacher used a t­chart so that information can be organized to the learners. She would also fill in some areas so that students would have a guide while they read. This proved very helpful to students. During my two visits the teacher scaffolded in different ways throughout the days. Scaffolding really …show more content…
In many lessons students work together in groups. This incorporated the Cooperative Learning teaching as well as the communicative language teaching. This was displayed when students were working on a story for their english class. Students who were more proficient in English read the paper of their peers and made corrections and suggestions in order to make the paper stronger. This assignment got students talking and working together just like we discussed in class. The teacher also displayed Content based teaching when the class read and completed a short packet about Abraham Lincoln. This was teaching them about an important part of American history while also teaching new important vocabulary words to students. Throughout the two days I visited the classroom the teacher also displayed multiple intelligences. Many assignments incorporated different learning styles. Reading was used in many assignments and students got to read with the teacher and listen to the teacher read. Visuals were used throughout the classroom and were used in lessons. Short videos and film were incorporated into lessons. Visuals in the classroom also included important words and vocabulary scattered throughout the classroom. Students also got a chance to reflect on personal experience and incorporate their culture into lessons. Many of the students came from different backgrounds and countries and often got to incorporate that in the classroom. Students also got to work together on many occasions throughout the two days I visited. Many of the intelligences were met in each lesson performed by the

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