Importance Of My Classroom

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I would set up my classroom in a way that the students feel comfortable that they are just not there to learn. They need to understand that they are there to grow together as a group, and are going to be with each other for a school year. I would set the seats up in a group setting and switch the kids around each quarter, so they can work with different classmates.
In the middle school grades, I would do more of a U shape concept for my classroom so they are all facing the board but, can do group work. Having the classroom in the U-shape form I would be able to keep my eyes on the students, but not so they feel they are being watched all the time. This gives me more control of the class, for instance, when the class gets too chatty while
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I would like the students to have choices that will allow them to use expression and creativity. Students should be able to experiment with likes and dislikes and to realize their strengths and weaknesses. I feel this is important for a student to learn from their weakness and make them stronger. After this base is developed, the curriculum can be molded to tie in each student’s learning style and by doing this it is not making the lesson boring to them. Using this method, I would be able to mold my lesson around the student’s level of understanding. I can work on the weakness that the students may have with the progress they show in the …show more content…
Using more interaction with all students, I feel I am working on the weakness within the class and I can work with the students without making them feel I am pointing them out in class. When getting the class ready to study for the unit test I could make up a jeopardy game using my resources of the smart board. I would split my class in two, knowing who is stronger in history and who is not, this helps me with making up the groups. I would have them discuss among themselves to get the answers right. By doing this I am reviewing the unit and have in the students help each other study at the same time. At the end of the game, the team with the most points would get extra credit on their test.
I would hope that this technique would encourage students to study ahead of time knowing that I am going to do a review with them on their unit and they may able to get extra points on the next test. They are learning by working as a team to help other students that may not have studied in the past and now are studying to make sure they earn the points. With this direction of teaching, I feel I am helping my students to want to learn, just not in my class but further on in their

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