The Importance Of Group Work In Education

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I would set up my classroom in a way that the students feel comfortable that they are just not there to learn. They need to understand that they are there to grow together as a group, and are going to be with each other for a school year. I would set the seats up in a group setting and switch the kids around each quarter, so they can work with different classmates.
In the middle school grades, I would do more of a U shape concept for my classroom so they are all facing the board but, can do group work. Having the classroom in the U-shape form I would be able to keep my eyes on the students, but not so they feel they are being watched all the time. This gives me more control of the class, for instance, when the class gets too chatty while doing a lesson or a group work. The impact of group work is good when students help other fellow students. This changes each person and transforms a positive atmosphere in the class. I feel starting them off in the middle school doing group work, allows them to find themselves as a person, allowing them to be more responsible and work with others they would not work ordinally work with if they had the choice of picking only a partner. At some point, the students always pick the same person. By doing this in the middle school, it allows
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In the textbook, we used in class, Foundations of Education, I compared myself to John Dewey. Dewey argued that the classroom being organized as a community in which students learn in collaboration with each other and their teachers. His techniques of teaching coincide with how I would run my future classroom. Through the responses, they receive from others, children attach value and social meanings to their activities. Dewey also talks about how a student learns best in a stimulating environment that is designed per the interests and experiences of the children in the

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