Personal Narrative: My Elder Middle School Experience

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My experience in J.P. Elder Middle School was very interesting. The first thing that made an impression on me was how the teacher talked to the students. His tone of voice was very strict and loud, but he was trying to be as helpful as he could. I feel as if he was trying to make sure they understood while making sure they kept their attention on him. But the result of the loud voice hurt my ears, and it almost made me want to zone out. I do not not know what the kids thought of the voice, and if they were so used to it that it did not make an impression on them, but the voice was something I did not think was very necessary.
Another thing that made an impression on me was the condition of the classroom. It was very run down. There were exposed pipes and, the yellow insulation in the pumps was very visible. I feel as if that might be a safety hazard because I don't know exactly what exposed pipes can lead to, but it is probably better not to have them out. The
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He knew that some had failed the pretest to get into his class, yet he did not hold them back. Instead, he tried to make sure they got extra attention in the classroom. He went from table to table making sure the students were comfortable with the material. He really helped them think things through, and allowed them to respond with questions and he provided answers.
One thing that I can relate to in our classroom is the involvement of FERPA. He was talking about tests that students had taken and how they needed to take it home for the parents to sign. None of the students knew the others grades, and when some students got their papers they were embarrassed and quickly tried to put the paper away. If FERPA would not be there to protect the kids grades except from those who it was relevant to, then it might damage a student's motivation in class. So luckily the grades stay quiet, and the teacher did his best to make sure of

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