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  • I Am Truly Grateful For The Opportunity

    When you look back on life you will have traveled to many places, seen many things, and met many people, however there are some places you go along the way that will impact you forever, and leave you with many stories to tell for all your friends, and family to hear. I know I am still young and have not experienced nearly half of the journey’s that I will go on later in life, nonetheless there is one place that I will truly remember for eternity, and most certainly tell my children about. That place is Lyon, France. I may have only lived there for a year, but the maturity, and independence I gained from it is that of a decade. I am truly grateful for the opportunity I was presented with, and would gladly take it again if offered the chance to. My trip to France has allowed me to look at life from a different lens, I appreciate and respect my great life much more now than I did before. I was only fifteen at the time, not quite sure what I was getting myself into. The idea came so quick, I just woke up one morning and said this is what I want to do. I have been playing soccer for about eleven years at this point but never in my wildest dreams did I think I would end up halfway across the world for it. Before the summer even seemingly started I found myself giving my mom a last hug and kiss goodbye before embarking on a new adventure. It was hard to see my Mom crying, but I was on a mission and there was no turning back now. Four months of preparation for a new life and a new…

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  • France In The 19th Century

    importance of the Vichy regime and its impact on French society, including its most negative aspects.” One of the aspects the French wanted to repress was the boost of anti-Semitism in France during the nineteenth century. A myth that exemplifies this was the myth that Alfred Dreyfus, of the Dreyfus Affair was guilty of treason. In reality the reason that Dreyfus was picked to be a scapegoat was because he was Jewish. In the opinion of the courts and especially Charles Maurras,“Dreyfus was…

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  • The Importance Of The Yalta Conference

    Like little pieces to a puzzle, different aspects of World War Two connect to make a much larger picture. These pieces could be simply be a person or an event. Combined, they fit together in a way never imagined before, to prevail the entire story. Like laying down the first piece, the United State’s inevitable entrance into the second world war began with the attack on Pearl Harbor. Charles De Gaulle worked to save French troops and assist the British in defeating Germany during the war.…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Charles De Gaulle's Speech

    year is 1940, and as of the 5th of June Adolf Hitler’s German forces had invaded, conquered, and now occupied France. At the mercy of the Germans, France was on their knees and all chances of taking their country back were doubtful. On June 18th, French General Charles de Gaulle’s voice broadcasted on the radios nationwide as he delivered the “Appeal of June 18”, a call for France to not secede in the fight against Nazi Germany. I believe Charles de Gaulle’s ability to present an effective…

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  • Active Citizen Dbq

    rights” , but you cannot have political freedom unless you are a white man of property. This shows the lack of intention to be all inclusive in The Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizens. The Jewish Population The next argument revolved around the Jewish problem in France. The assumption by some was all non-Catholic were included in the Declaration, the reality was there was a clear distinction on what was considered non-Catholic. Many Calvinist in France were wealthy land owners,…

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  • Authoritarian And Egalitarianism: Napoleon's Power

    “My policy is to govern men as the great number wish to be governed. That I think, is the way to recognize the sovereignty of the people.” This was stated by none other than Napoleon Bonaparte, a notorious leader and enlightened despot of the nineteenth century who was both an authoritarian and egalitarian. Through his use of relentless nationalism towards France, Napoleon utilized his influence and authority to ameliorate the lives of French citizens. Bonaparte received his power from the…

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  • Gen Eisenhower's Involvement In The Vietnam War

    GEN Eisenhower excelled as a staff officer and mobilizing troops which is why GEN Marshall accelerated promotions and assigned him to lead offensive operations in the European theatre. Critical thinking became a critical skill that GEN Eisenhower used to his advantage when making difficult decisions. GEN Eisenhower faced many strategic decisions while commanding Allied Forces in North Africa and as the Commander of Supreme Allied Command in Europe. The ‘Darlan Deal’ in North Africa and the…

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  • Marianne In Chains By Robert Gilde An Analysis

    During World War II, France had given in an signed an armistice of peace. France was easily invaded because things were all over the place. France was not a united nation, they had a disorganized army, no formal government, and a wrong assumed attack plan. Ultimately, there was a feeling of French weakness but with a good reason. France wanted to save anything they could to preserve their culture and politics. Marianne in Chains, written by Robert Gildea explores the daily lives of the French…

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  • Essay On French Democracy

    Algerian War for Independence had the French Army frustrated, for they wanted to keep France in control. The French government was mishandling the situation in Algeria, prompting the military to threaten to take control of the government. This crisis allowed for Charles de Gaulle, former president of France to gain political power once again. He resigned before due to the Fourth Republic ignoring his wishes for stronger presidential powers.The military dropped the coup d 'etat because they…

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  • What Is The Cause Of The Holocaust?

    On August 25, 1944 Paris was liberated by Allied forces just seven weeks after the Normandy landings. Hitler’s order to have the city razed to the ground, an order executed in the cultural capitals of Warsaw and later by the Allied forces in Berlin, was not realized and French troops loyal to the resistance fought off German forces and reclaimed the city without the use of urban warfare. On the same day that Paris was liberated General Charles de Gaulle, leader of the Free French resistance…

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