The Importance Of The Yalta Conference

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Like little pieces to a puzzle, different aspects of World War Two connect to make a much larger picture. These pieces could be simply be a person or an event. Combined, they fit together in a way never imagined before, to prevail the entire story. Like laying down the first piece, the United State’s inevitable entrance into the second world war began with the attack on Pearl Harbor. Charles De Gaulle worked to save French troops and assist the British in defeating Germany during the war. Finally, like the last piece, the Yalta Conference lead to both the end of World War II, and the start of the Cold War. The role of the attack of Pearl Harbor, Charles De Gaulle, and the Yalta conference contributed to World War Two by sparking events that …show more content…
A congregation of the leaders of the three most prominent countries in the war was notably one of the largest reasons the war ended the way it did. This congregation, known as the Yalta Conference, took place in February 1945. United States President Franklin Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill gathered with Soviet Leader Joseph Stalin to strategize the end of the war and discussed what would happen once it was over. Knowing Japan would be crippled if Russia joined the war against them, the Roosevelt and Churchill worked together to convince Russia to join, with the reward of land and ports when they won (“The Yalta Conference, 1945”). Had Russia not joined against Japan, the war in the pacific could lasted much, much longer. Thus causing the loss of even more lives, and more money spent on the war itself. At the time, many did not agree with President Roosevelt 's decision (“Yalta Conference”). Russia did not stay true to their deals they made at the conference, which made it look like Roosevelt had given Russia the upper hand on purpose. Ultimately, the upper hand that Russia had gained contributed to the start of the Cold War. The Yalta Conference did its purpose by shortening the war, but by doing so, it lead to the start of a completely different

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