Effective Parenting Styles Essay

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The Effective Parent

Parents, for the most part, want what is best for their child and try to raise them accordingly. Whether parents chose to acknowledge it or not, everyone of them use different styles to raise their children. Though not all of these styles help the child, they all have some kind of effect, negative or positive on the child.

There are 4 types of parenting styles.

Authoritarian parenting is the more strict style. In this style parents are very controlling of their children and “try to shape, organize, and assess the child 's behavior and attitude according to their supreme values”(Parenting Styles and Social Anxiety among Adolescents). Children do not get any breathing room and they do everything based on their parent’s
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Kids parented through this technique will reap the most benefits socially. This form may not produce kids that do amazing in school as the Authoritarian style does but it will help them in the world to communicate with others. The goal of parenting should be to ensure that the child will grow up to be good citizens, and if they are more social, life will be easier for them. In this parenting style, it allows the child to keep a good relationship with their parents. The parent cares how the child feels and what goes on their …show more content…
Teens need someone to talk to; they need someone to mentor them and help them with their problems. Teens can trust their Authoritative parents. Teens that have Authoritarian parents might not want to talk to their parents about their issues out of fear that they will not approve or that they will be punished. Many of these teens see their parents as more of just an authority figure than a responsive parent and they might feel uncomfortable talking to their parents about something so fragile and close to them. Because the parents’ “strictness’ they might show less affection to their children than other parents. These teens especially need a mentor and/or an adult to talk to because of the way they are raised. Research from Baumrind suggests that these children are likely to show signs of “low social activity, lack of confidence and manifest sadness and anxiety”. These children are always doing things based on their parents and this will not help them when they grow older and have to do things on their own.

Uninvolved parenting is the least effective. In fact, it hurts way more than it hurts. Finding pros on this type of parenting was not easy. It is obviously not the best parenting style judging from the name alone. The parent is simply

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