Parenting Style

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All around the world, children are being born, growing, and developing. With this, comes the role of the parents to help guide them along by raising them. Yet, not every parent is exactly the same, as they all have their own “style” with which they choose to raise their children by, though in comparison some could be vastly different or strikingly similar to each other. These styles are what define a parent’s overall attitude and the type of relationship they have with their child. While they all have their own personal twists, every one stems from the same four base parenting models: authoritarian, authoritative, permissive indulgent, and permissive neglectful. But with this begs the question of whether there is a right or wrong choice to …show more content…
While they both share some similarities, they are divergent from each other in the end. Permissive Indulgent parents are responsive to their children, but not demanding. What this means is that they present very little, if even any, control in their kid’s lives. They are extremely lenient about rules, if they exist, and tend to try and avoid confrontation. With that being said, they will offer affection and warmth, giving this approach more of a friend-like feeling than of trying to be someone 's parent. These children grow up with lot of freedom with really no consequences to their actions. As for Indulgent, they also have negative effects on their children, who tend to clash with authority, lack self-discipline, and are …show more content…
Authoritarian parenting is high in strictness and low in affection, leaving children with low self-esteem, high anxiety, and high susceptibility to conformity. With authoritative comes a balance of love and authority, which results in good social skills, emotional stability, and lower substance abuse rates in those children. Then with permissive indulgent, parents provided love and support, but lacked demandingness, resulting in problems with authority, lack of self-discipline, and aggression issues. Lastly is permissive neglectful, the total hands off and uncaring style that leaves adolescents at higher risk for substance abuse, delinquency, and prone to mental problems. Furthermore, seeing as my mother held a more authoritative style, I can attest that it does leave children more capable of assimilating into society and generally more stable. Given all these points, the parenting style with which children are raised with does have an affect on their development, whether it be for better or worse. Obviously you cannot predict how your children are going to turn out when they are older, but by raising them based on a certain style can give them the best chance, and the lowest probability of leaving lasting

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