Narrative Essay About Family Culture

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Amy 's mother a dream that one day Amy will visit China and understands her mother and family culture. Amy did not think she had Chinese blood in her, but her mother thought her a lesson, plus she lead her sister background.

When Amy Tan arrived to Hong Kong border and enters Shenzhen, China, she felt out of the ordinary. Tan, did not think she had Chinese blood because she was born in California. Amy’s mother said to her “Someday you will see” “it’s in your blood, waiting to be let go”. After her mother said those words to her, she realized the moments she saw her mother doing uncomfortable things like, pecking her mouth with toothpick in public, also was colored blinded thinking yellow and pale pink made great combinations for winter
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In the mix of the crowd airport, Amy’s father saw his aunt and they could not stop hugging each other and laughing at same time. When they arrive to Aunt Aiyi house a man and woman were shaking hands with Amy’s father they were all cheerful. Aiyi introduce Amy her son and the family the rest of the family. Aiyi and Amy’s father were talking to each other in a dialect from childhood, which was Mandarin the rest of the family members spoke Cantonese. Aiyi was mad at Amy’s father because they come to visit her for only one day. I will be upset as well if that was my nephew seeing me for one day. That night, Amy and her father took a taxi cab to hotel. Amy was so scared that the driver was passing left and right cars and trucks in an outrageous way. From back seat of the taxi cab Amy was looking around how the city of Guangzhou had over crowded buses and houses with balcony hanging their clothe that were recently washed. In one particular area of the city there were the small stores and inside the store were so dark and scary. Amy saw all these inspected things around the city that back in United States she never

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