Essay On The Consequences Of Lowering The Drinking Age

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House 1 The Consequences of Lowering the Drinking Age
Alcohol is a substance that is abused in various ways in today’s society. Many people use alcohol in negative ways which causes their mind to malfunction. In that case, if one is under the influence and is malfunctioning, he or she can be harmful to another. On that note, drinking alcohol can be harmful in several ways if used excessively. On the other hand, some people use alcohol during special occasions when necessary. Some people are not responsible enough to handle alcohol and do not know how much they have consumed, which leads to binge drinking. However, the use of alcohol is acceptable when used in a proper manner to help with health, stress, or necessary reasons. Lowering the drinking age would have negative effects on today’s society due to the potential risks of dangers to others, the effects of alcohol on immature teens, and possible health problems on the body.
To enumerate, lowering the drinking age to eighteen would lead to negative effects amongst immature teens such as harmful health problems and injuries. There are several advantages and disadvantages
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He also verifies that seventy-four percent disapproved, and twenty-five percent favored the decision (Jones n.pag.). Jones reveals that thirty years ago, when twenty-one was selected as the minimum drinking age, Americans disapproved to lowering the drinking age to eighteen (Jones n.pag.). He also added that having a higher level of education leads to having more support in lowering the drinking age (Jones n.pag.). Jones stresses that decreasing the amount of driving fatalities dealing with young adults was a major law in 1984 (Jones n.pag.). He mentions that drinking underage is common in the United States but law breaking encourages those underage to do so in public, so they can be monitored (Jones

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