Should The Drinking Age Be Lowered Essay

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The Drinking Age Should Not Be Lowered The legal drinking age should not be lowered as it has been proven it will have negative effects on the individual and society. The legal drinking age started at 21 years old in the 1930’s. During the Vietnam War era the legal drinking age was lowered to 18 to accommodate the soldiers that were in the War. This changed when Ronald Regan proposed the Uniform Drinking Age Act in 1984. This made it a requirement for all states to return the drinking age to 21 by 1989. Funding for highways was given for compliance which was the incentive that had all 50 states comply. Children, 19 and younger, will have increased health risks and put the public at risk if they are allowed to drink alcohol. Also, the …show more content…
In such countries, teenagers are raised a different way and grow up different then teenagers in the American culture. Drinking in America for young teenagers has always been about partying and having fun. This is why using other countries to compare their drinking age to ours does not make any sense. It has also been an argument that restricting teenagers only leads to binge drinking.
A reason why people may think the drinking age should be lowered is they believe that someone underage will binge drink because they never know when they will be able to drink again. Binge drinking is when you drink a lot at one time and usually in excess. A study conducted in the United Kingdom showed every country had significantly higher levels of binge drinking then the United States. The only country lower than the United States is Turkey, where the Muslim country forbids alcohol use. The use of alcohol available to minors will introduce it more into high
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The drinking age makes underage drinkers feel cool by breaking the rules and will cause more teenagers to do it. The is the “forbidden fruit” theory that if the drinking age is lowered it will make drinking less cool and will reduce alcohol related incidents in teens. Teens will not change the way they socialize and play drinking games because it is now legal for them to drink. There is no proof that lowering the drinking age will cut down on teens drinking. Until society changes socially, changing the drinking age would be a huge leap that could produce a great risk. Also, changing the drinking age would eliminate federal funding for highway

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