Narrative Essay: A Beautiful Day In Murair Al Mutarish '

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Thursday 5th June 2007 was a very lovely day .Everything was perfect and nothing was wrong. I was sitting with my family in our house in Murair Al Mutarish. It is a small village located in the far north coast of Oman in Shinas state . We were watching T.V like any other day, when we heard the news bulletin. While crossing the coast, cyclone Gonu cause a lot of damage and fatalities. Before passing the Sultanate's northeastern coastline, it began affecting the country with strong winds and heavy rain. Streets and buildings flooded because of the strong waves and heavy rainfall. Let me leave you with these pictures from Muscat. We were shocked. Everything was destroyed houses, roads, and even trees were uprooted. It seemed to us like another …show more content…
He was lovely person; everyone respected him and liked to talk with him. I felt it must be a dream. Last night, I was chatting with him till morning.
They brought his body home from the hospital and his body located in front of his mother. He was sleeping like an angel. I still remember his face. It light up the room. Seeing his body brought tears to my eyes and goose bumps all over my skin. That was the last time we saw him
After the funeral, I could not do anything but cry. A thousand tears flowed over my cheeks. I felt at some point that it was as if I was shedding blood instead of tears. When I looked into my uncle's eyes, I could see his sadness and tears. It was the first and only time I had seen my uncle cry.
When we were sitting in council of solace, I asked my brother "how Ibrahim had died ". He drowned in the wadi while he was trying to help some people who stuck in "he replied. As he was driving to home, he found a family stuck with their car in the wadi. They were shouting for help and screaming. Ibrahim went to help them and drove through the wadi. But the water level had increased and pulled his car. They found his car two kilos away and his body floated on the surface of the
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The sultanate awoke to one of the worst natural disasters. Cyclone Gonu, hit the country causing heavy rains and flood. The telephone lines and power were knocked out across the eastern region, affecting thousands of people and leaving them isolated. The cyclone caused widespread destruction along the coastline. Strong waves and heavy rainfall flooded streets and some buildings. Overall, more than 50 people were killed and more than 27 people were missing in the country. More than 20,000 people were affected. However, this natural disaster proved to the world how Omani can unite and how each person will stand with others when needed. Different people from different regions around Oman ran to give a hand to rebuild the effect of cyclone Gonu.
One month later, at about 9 p.m , we were sitting in my uncle's house, when his phone range. The call was from the hospital "congratulation your wife gave birth to a baby". My uncle started crying happily and saying "Alhamduliah". They named the baby "Ibrahim" after his died

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