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  • Viral Conjunctivitis Case Study

    Many patients who present with viral conjunctivitis must have had contact with someone with conjunctivitis, a recent upper respiratory infection, or both (Azari & Barney, 2013). Viral conjunctivitis signs and symptoms are conjunctival hyperemia, watery discharge, and ocular irritation with tender and palpable preauricular nodes (Coyle, 2014). The examiner suspected viral conjunctivitis as a possible diagnosis due to the watery discharge. Upon physical examination of Sherry’s preauricular nodes, they were non tender, non-palpable, and her conjunctiva were not hyperemia. Therefore, in the absence of tender, non- palpable preauricular nodes, injected conjunctiva and unilateral onset, the examiner ruled out viral conjunctivitis in this…

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  • Essay On Conjunctivitis

    a) Causes Conjunctivitis is the inflammation of the conjunctiva, which is the outermost layer of the white part of the eye and the inner eyelid (Stevens, 2008). Conjunctivitis can be caused from many sources. These include bacteria, viruses and irritations. Irritations can be caused from allergic reactions to various things such as pollen and grass, irritation can also be caused from foreign objects in your eye such as chemicals (Durning, 2013). Unlike irritation, bacterial and viral…

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  • Reflective Essay: Hadraniel's Fallen Angels

    “Well, as you all know, Nephilim are what you get when angels and humans have interspecies relationships, so this is no ordinary child. I have sent Eremiel back to Earth to care for it until we decide what to do with her, she has immense power within her, we can tell. As for the mother, she has paid for her sins by way of being stoned. Eremiel carried the deed out himself. The father, I know who it is, but I am not going to say. I have forgiven him of this sin and will not shame him for it, as…

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  • Essay On Viral Conjunctivitis

    Viral conjunctivitis is an inflammation of the clear membrane that covers the white part of your eye (conjunctiva). The inflammation is caused by a virus. The inflammation can also happen on the underside of your eyelids. The blood vessels in the conjunctiva become inflamed, causing the eye to become red or pink, and often itchy. Viral conjunctivitis can be easily passed from one person to another (contagious). CAUSES Viral conjunctivitis is caused by a virus. A virus is a type of germ and can…

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  • Pink Eye Case Studies

    homes around the world. Pink eye, or conjunctivitis is a common ailment that has plagued babies for centuries. Conjunctivitis has many possible treatments, spanning from antibiotics to the less conventional, traditional remedy of dropping breast milk into the inflamed eye to sooth it. Pink eye may be caused by a viral or bacterial invader, but may also surface as a result of irritation triggered by allergies, chemicals, or foreign objects in the eye. The outer membrane and inner eyelids become…

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  • Chlamydia Disease

    causes a type of pneumonia, C.psittaci, that causes psittacosis and C.trachomatis that causes various diseases such as trachoma, inclusion conjunctivitis and nongonococcal urethritis. Chlamydial infections are spread by either direct contact or by inhalation of aerosols. C.trachomatis is spread by direct contact with infected secretions. Humans that are infected act as reservoirs. Engelkirk mentions it is also “spread by flies serving as mechanical vectors”…

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  • Essay On Chlamydia

    Another odd instance of chlamydia is conjunctivitis; touching one’s eye with a contaminated hand will lead to this. It should be noted that it cannot be spread by toilet seats, as this was a questionable form of contracting the disease. As previously acknowledged, it is a sexual transmitted disease (for the most part, omitting conjunctivitis) and a latex condom is the main form of protection against the disease. One of the reasons chlamydia is not diagnosed or necessarily understood to be so,…

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  • Case Study: Know Your Body Eye '

    should be is mixed with water and then applied. Pink eye or Abhishyanda (Conjunctivitis) Cause: Conjunctivitis is exogenous when the causal factor enters into the eye form outer source. These may include virus or bacteria or and foreign particle. Endogenous causes include factors like infection or allergy or diseases like rheumatoid arthritis. Recurrent attacks are related to impaired immunity. Signs and symptoms: Conjunctivitis starts in one eye and then spread to other eye. Initial signs…

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  • Chlamydia

    The different genera are based on different intracellular inclusions, susceptibility, composition and disease production. C trachomas causes infections in the eye, genitalia, or respiratory tract. These include trachoma, inclusion conjunctivitis, lymphogranuloma venereum, urethritis, cervicitis, salpingitis and pneumonitis. Most of the time this disease is underreported because people can go months to years before they realize that they have been infected. The problems and devastating outcomes…

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  • Itchy Eyelids Research Paper

    Itchy eyelids Overview- Itchy eyelids can occur from any situation that inflames, irritates or infects our eyelid. Infections, allergies, and even deficiency of sleep can reason your eyelids to itch. Itchy eyelids are usually related with other symptoms like swelling, redness, a realistic feeling in the eye, irritation, bumps or lumps, improved tear development, or discharge. Allergies are the most common reason of itchy eyelids. An allergy that impacts your eyelid may be native, like an…

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